Story Greenlight Founder & Consultant

Jeff Bartsch

Jeff Bartsch is the founder of Story Greenlight, an online community that helps experts and professional advisors tell their stories, serve more clients, and expand their impact in the world. He spent two decades in Hollywood shaping content for major media outlets like ABC, NBC, Universal, Disney, and Apple, sharing his reputation as a talented storyteller and marketing strategist. The expertise he now employs to help other experts and professional advisors to elevate their communication to drive results in their businesses.


As a strategic storyteller, Jeff knows that businesses thrive when driven by human connection. A connection that naturally occurs when a guest’s audience and message align with a podcast show’s audience and message. Podcast interviews proved to be an effective tool to drive business growth in his business. Recognizing the power of human connection and the transformation that occurs through conversations, he has found podcast guesting to be an effective strategy for elevating his communication and achieving impactful results…quickly.

Jeff Bartsch


Jeff’s decision to incorporate podcast interviews as a strategic tool to grow his business further aligned with his own values and goals. His ideal clients are professional advisors in their own industries who serve clients of their own. Because he knows that businesses thrive when driven by human connection and that high-scale sales require a genuine conversation where trust can transpire.

Looking for a platform to hold those valuable conversations, Jeff reached out to Interview Valet, with the goal of expanding his reach and holding valuable conversations with his target audience, professional advisors in their own industries who serve clients of their own. Podcast interviews allowed him to engage in long-format conversations where he can demonstrate his expertise and deliver value to his ideal clients.

“From one podcast appearance, a company reached out for a custom consulting deal that was three times my Interview Valet campaign investment. It was some fantastic ROI, and it really came a lot quicker than I would have expected.”



Jeff saw immediate significant results from his podcast interview campaign. Shortly after his first interview aired, he received a custom consulting offer from a client that yielded 3x ROI from his podcast interview campaign. This outcome not only demonstrated the effectiveness of podcast guesting as a lead generation tool but also showcased the substantial value that could be derived from these appearances. The rapid and substantial ROI exceeded Jeff’s expectations and reinforced the effectiveness of leveraging podcast guesting as a growth strategy tool in his business.

Outside of sales, podcast interviews have allowed Jeff to shape his messaging, refine his communication skills, and gain clarity in the direction of his business. Podcast appearances aligned naturally with Jeff’s business values in that they are the beginning of a relationship rather than a one-off transaction. A strategy that has proven instrumental in driving the growth and direction of his business with tangible results. Where he quickly established credibility, expanded his network, and effectively joined the conversation of his target audience, generating high-value business opportunities.