Author, Speaker, & Small Business Consultant

Jeffrey Shaw

How many people can say they’ve never worked for anyone else? For Jeffrey Shaw, selling eggs door-to-door at 14 years old began a lifetime of self-employment. As a speaker and small business consultant, Jeffrey helps self-employed and small business owners gain control of their business in what seems like uncontrollable circumstances. Drawing on his experience as a renowned portrait photographer, Jeffrey shows business owners how to see through a different lens with strategies to compose the often-chaotic pieces of life and business into sustainable success.


Jeffrey is passionate about helping business owners gain far more control over their businesses, and destiny, than they ever had before. To bring value to business owners and entrepreneurs, Jeff leveraged targeted podcast interviews to conduct a virtual book tour to  promote his book and his two-day online self-employment summit. Time shifting the release of his interviews allowed him to be everywhere at the right time for a successful book launch.

Jeffrey Shaw


Already one of the most sought-after portrait photographers in the U.S. for more than three decades, with his work appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show, in People magazine, and hanging at Harvard University, Jeffrey was already a successful business owner when he came to IV.

Looking to promote his upcoming book at the time, LINGO: How to speak your customer’s secret language, he helped Jeffrey conduct a virtual book tour starting 6 months prior to launch to build anticipation and pre-sales.

Focusing on select podcast verticals, self-employed small business owners and entrepreneurs, he appeared on over two dozen leading shows that all aired close to the launch date of his book. Time shifting his podcast interviews freed his time closer to launch to make live appearances locally and on TV when his book launched.

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Fast forward, Jeffrey now has two bestselling books and successfully launched a business podcast of his own, The Self-Employed Life, ranked in the top 1% of all shows. He attributes part of this success to his ability to strategically align podcast guest appearances on targeted shows in accordance with his book launch stating that, “Interview Valet is the classiest, most efficient, professional service bar none. They are the only one I’d let represent my brand.”