Business operations expert & Speaker

Juliana Marulanda

Juliana Marulanda, founder of ScaleTime, is a business operations expert and speaker whose experience spans from Wall Street, the nonprofit sector, technology startups, and family-owned businesses. ScaleTime has served over 500+ digital agencies helping them to design high performance teams, systems and processes. Her invaluable tools work to improve her clients’ business, enabling them to scale their business and save an average of 30 work hours per week.


Juliana has used podcast interviews as a marketing channel to generate consistent, quality leads for her business. Appearing as a guest on podcasts has allowed her to strategically reach established business owners in niche market. After becoming an IV Certified Guest, she was surprised how easy the process was and how well it worked for her business in generating quality leads that move into paying customers. Finding it to be a valuable marketing strategy to promote her business, increase her authority, and gain the trust of her ideal clients.

Juliana Marulanda


When the economy became funky Juliana knew she needed to broaden her marketing channels to generate steady lead generation that lead to sales. But the approach needed to be effective by placing her in front of her target audience, established marketers and digital agencies who are experiencing issues in scaling their business. Having used subscription-based podcast bookers in the past, she found it only created additional work with little ROI. Spending time preparing her own brief sheets and scheduling, only to find her calendar filled with a random assortment of shows that yielded inconsistent results that were not worth the effort. Being an expert in scaling your time and business herself, she knew there had to be a better way. She knew podcasting had better potential, but it needed to be consistent and reliable.

A friend referred her to Interview Valet and found the experience to be much different, relating it to a partnership where she was an extension of the team. Looking to take a steady long-game approach, we found that a Brand Builder campaign would be ideal in gaining exposure for Juliana. From onboarding to introductions, the process was seamless and finally effective, noting that the show selection was in alignment with her goals and ideal clients. The ongoing support from her Client Account Manager allows for feedback in real-time to maximize her interview results.

"I have been able to make some really great connections with podcast hosts who are very in line with my mission, and I wouldn't have been able to do that without Interview Valet."



In less than a year with IV Juliana was able to leverage podcast interviews to drive sales and promote her resources like webinars, ebooks, and courses. Getting on select podcasts that aligned with her target audience optimized her time and maximized results, making it an effective tool to reach potential new clients and grow her business to reach potential new clients. Saying that “from one podcast interview we netted $26,000 in gross revenue from booked calls.”

Here are some of the results that Juliana has seen to with podcast interview marketing so far:

  • Increased visibility with her target audience
  • Increased lead generation from podcast listeners who have become customers and clients
  • Established herself as an authority in her industry by sharing her expertise and experience on shows.
  • Networking with other experts and influencers in her industry which has lead to new business opportunities and collaborations
  • Created valuable content which she can repurpose on her website and social media channels to further promote her business.