Kate DiLeo

Kate DiLeo is the CEO and Chief Brand Architect at Kate DiLeo Branding, a consulting firm that helps organizations build brands that win more work. She has partnered with more than 300 C-suite executives, founders, and small business owners to help them craft authentic, purpose-driven brands that effectively gain them prospects, leads, and customers. She also hosts collaborative workshops and accelerator programs worldwide to help startups establish core brand foundations.


Given Kate’s own experience in marketing and branding, she understood how important getting in front of the right audiences were to increasing sales. It’s done through increasing your visibility, connecting with new audiences, and sharing her knowledge with others. She began podcast guesting as an avenue to promote her upcoming book but has continued to leverage podcast guesting as an ROI generator in her business. Now that her book successfully launched and became an international best seller, she is now using podcast interviews to expand her authority position in the industry and prepare for future product launches in her business.

Kate Dileo accidental brand strategist


Kate’s initial goal when she came to Interview Valet was in preparation for the upcoming launch of her book, Muting the Megaphone. A Guest Storm campaign took Kate on a virtual book tour where she completed 24 interviews in three months. Allowing her to get in the rooms where her target audience was already gathered to share her story and the expertise she had to share, she scored hundreds of pre-orders for her book, which later became an international bestseller.

Originally Kate was only planning to work with Interview Valet for the six months surrounding the launch of her book, but after seeing the success the virtual book tour brought she has remained. We pivoted our approach to align with Kate’s new direction, preparing for the launch of her first SaaS product this year. Now taking a Brand Builder approach to guesting, she holds two podcast interviews month on shows that match her current target audience. This flexibility allows Kate to continue snowballing the positive impact, keeping her name in front of her ideal customers and maintaining her position as a thought leader in her industry.

"Working with Interview Valet has been a game changer for me in terms of getting my name out there and growing my audience. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to leverage the power of podcast interviews to grow their brand and reach new audiences"



Holding a virtual book tour that began three months prior to the launch of her book provided her with hundreds of advance book orders and gave her an incredible jump start to her business for the year. She has seen many other positive impacts on business since becoming an IV Certified Guest like:

  • Establishing her authority as a thought leader in her industry
  • Strategically attract more of the right customers by going on targeted podcasts that aligned with her ideal audience.
  • She got into the right rooms where her target audience was already gathered, an audience who had self-selected to hear her message and understood the value she brought.
  • She has not only turned listeners into clients, but even podcast hosts themselves are now paying clients as well.

When asked how podcast guesting has worked for her, here’s what Kate had to say:

“People who come in from a podcast to talk about consulting usually turn into a deal within one call. For me, I look at ROI based on the efficiency of the sales cycle, meaning higher caliber of leads coming through, decreased sales cycle, higher price point. Interestingly enough, because they’re listening on shows, they have an investment mindset, they understand the need for branding in their business. They’re not just trying to DIY everything. They’re listening to best practices in the marketplace through podcasting, but they recognize the power of bringing an expert in the room, and that’s what I’m ideally looking for. This has been truly a revenue generator for the business.”