B2B Business Consulting Firm Founder

Kevin Monaghan

Kevin Monaghan is the Founder and Director of Intuitive Compensation Group, working with business owners to recognize and develop their All-Star employee who is key to running the organization, improves the bottom line, and would be extremely important to a buyer if they were to sell.


Kevin partnered with Interview Valet to book speaking engagements alongside the podcast appearances, and to gain national attention and clients for Intuitive Compensation Group. He wanted to reach small business owners with a partner or partner candidate (son, daughter, up and coming employee). Kevin had a solid understanding of the goals we wanted to accomplish with podcast guesting, which prompted him reaching out to IV.

Kevin Monaghan podcasts


Kevin was looking to expand his geographical audience of ideal listeners and gain awareness for his firm. His target audiences are established law firms, CPAs, engineering firms, dentists, and digital marketing companies. These types of niche clients made podcast guesting an great resource to reach those audiences by doing targeted interviews.

Using a brand builder approach, which are a series of consistent targeted podcast interviews over time, we decided to start Kevin on smaller podcasts to test how his message resonated with different markets and built from there. Compiling momentum from interviews, with larger audiences over time, and booked public speaking engagements, Kevin was able to gain national attention for his firm.

"Podcast interviews are incredibly productive to our national podcast efforts. The culture of Interview Valet fits in with ours, so they have always added to the excitement of every day."



Kevin attributes his consistent interviews and storytelling through IV appointed interviews to allow him to hone the Intuitive Compensation Group’s message and gain national exposure. Over the course of 10 months, Kevin tracked two speaking engagements directly to his podcast interviews. Additionally, this company has opened 13 cases (a case for the Intuitive Compensation Group indicates a large client) from those interviews. For them, a typical client lifecycle is 18 months, meaning they have long-term value over the course of their time with Kevin’s firm.