Author, Consultant & IBM Master Inventor

Neil Sahota

Neil Sahota is a United Nations (UN) AI Advisor, Chief Innovation Officer at UC Irvine, and author of the award-winning best business book of 2019, Own the A.I. Revolution. He is also an IBM Master Inventor and designer of the Watson, the A.I device that won Jeopardy. With 20+ years of business experience, he works with organizations to create their core business strategy, enter new markets, and develop next generation products/solutions powered by emerging technology. With the goal of teaching others to be disruptive thinkers like he has done in his own business.



Neil initially employed podcast interviews to promote his book, Own the A.I. Revolution, to his target audience, business leaders, C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs. After seeing how effective podcast guesting was in driving books sales, he saw an opportunity to leverage interviews to further expand his business and gain new leads. For Neil, podcast guesting is different from other marketing pursuits. The organic conversations between a podcast host and guest gives audiences a means to listen in on real conversations that they can relate to.

Neil Sahota


When Neil initially came to IV he admits he knew very little about leveraging podcast interviews as a business promotion tool. Upon the advice of a trusted friend, marketing expert, and precious IV Certified Guest himself, who has worked with Taylor Swift and Katie Cork, said that the best way to promote his book was to get on podcasts with the help of Interview Valet. Right away, Neil was surprised how effective IV was at narrowing shows down to his niche audience, such as business leaders, C Suite executives, and entrepreneurs. Saying that the listeners of these shows “had an invested interest because they’re listening to the podcast committing time, they’re interested in the content. It was like a match made in heaven.”

After his initial interviews, Neil saw a spike in book sales and realized that podcast interviews had potential to grow his business in other ways. Shifting the focus, and types of shows that he guested on, he then sought to increase awareness of his brand and to engage prospects for other speaking and consulting opportunities.

“The benefits of podcast guesting are tangible, and you will see them very quickly. I would definitely recommend using Interview Valet. They've already done a lot of legwork, got a great system and process. They have awesome people that work with you and are focused on creating value for those who are looking for to leverage podcast marketing.”



In over two years, Neil held more than 50 podcast interviews that brought him invaluable results. Not only did he drive a successful book launch that was later awarded the best business book of 2019, but he also landed numerous speaking engagements and expanded his network. Podcast guesting opened the door to make connections with hosts and new audiences, which brought in new business partnerships and volunteer opportunities.

Appearing on podcasts proved to be the right move in growing Neil’s business and establish himself as a trusted authority in his industry. He was able to reach new qualified potential customers and increase brand awareness. By talking to his target audience, he saw a significant increase in website traffic resulting in pre-qualified leads. Listeners who landed on his website showed higher conversion of CTA opt-ins and customer generation.