Sarah Greener

Sarah Greener is a business coach, author, and entrepreneur based out of New Zealand. Growing up in a family that ran on business and entrepreneurial spirit, she has a lifetime of experience of grounding in the fundamentals of what it takes to be successful and efficient. Her company, Sarah Greener Business Coaching focuses primarily on women owned small businesses to develop sustainable processes, systems, and teams that enable them to effectively work on their business, not in it. This is done through gained clarity, simplicity, and reignited passion by building a business that suits their life – not the other way around.


Based out of a small rural beachside town in New Zealand, Sarah needed to find an avenue to expand her reach and find more of her ideal clients beyond the constraints of her geographic location. Podcast guesting proved to be a great way to expand that reach and visibility, while simultaneously establishing herself as a thought leader in her industry. She found that it was an effective strategy to drive more traffic and qualified leads to her business. Through her interviews she was able to connect with her target audience in a way that had otherwise been difficult to do, while also building a solid system within her business to capitalize on the process the process.

Sarah Greener


Sarah was looking for a way to streamline her podcast guesting process and reach a broader audience, prompting a colleague to refer her to IV for help with her obstacles. Through the onboarding process the IV team was able to identify and secure podcast interviews that aligned with her business goals, along with training and support to maximize her guesting opportunities. During a six-month Brand Builder campaign, she conducted 12 podcast interviews. Interviews that enabled her to raise her profile, connect with interesting people, and expand her network outside of her existing reach of New Zealand and Australia.

“What's been really great about working with Interview Valet is that they have taken all those problems away from me. They made sure that they got to know me, they got to know who my audience was and what I was trying to achieve out of podcast guesting right up front. Once you plug it into your own business, just makes life so easy.”



Sarah found the decision to partner with Interview Valet to be a positive experience. Being a Certified Guest meant the process of finding the right podcasts that matched her target audience, connecting with the hosts, and communicating the necessary information leading up to the interview was no longer tasks she had to spend time doing. In turn, freeing up Sarah to apply her time toward the parts of her business that mattered, speaking to targeted listeners on podcasts and serving her clients.

Results Sarah has enjoyed from podcast guesting:

  • Gained credibility and thought leadership. Podcast guesting allowed her to establish herself as a credible expert in her field.
  • Increased clients and income. The expanded visibility and authority drove more clients and sales into her business.
  • Podcast interviews provided her with more networking opportunities by placing her in the right rooms with hosts and other guests. Leading to valuable relationships and collaborations with other professionals in her field.
  • Increased website traffic. Self-selected, qualified leads to her website, resulted in decreased sales cycle and increased conversion into paying clients.