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Why You’re Not Getting Business Results as a Podcast Guest

July 12,2016 / Blog / admin

You understand that podcasts are the fastest expanding platform for getting your message to your ideal customers.  You’ve been on a handful of podcasts. You thought it went great.  In just 45 minutes, you talked directly to your dream customers.  Listeners got to know, like and trust you.  They saw you as an expert, a thought leader, a trusted resource….but they didn’t turn into customers.

If you are not seeing fast and significant results being a guest on a podcast in 2015 something is wrong!  You can fix it quickly by looking at what the experts (your customers) are telling you. Their actions will let you quickly diagnose and address the bottleneck.  But before we go into how to get actual business results as a podcast guest, let’s start with some tough love.

  • The Good:  You are most likely NOT the problem.
  • The Bad: Your system is broken at some critical point.
  • The Ugly: Until you fix your system, you might be wasting your time on podcasts.