Interview Valet Launches Committed to Collaborative Promotion Program

Interview Valet committed to collaborative promotion
Introducing Our Commitment to Collaborative Promotion Program

Via press release today, we made the announcement of our initiative to ensure our Certified Guests are doing their part to promote their podcast interviews.

“One of the biggest complaints we hear from podcast hosts is their frustration that the guest disappears after the interview. They never promote the interview. Many are pitching shows just to use their audience. These takers look at it as a transaction, a one-night stand, not a relationship. Interview Valet is different. Relationships are core to our values.”

-Tom Schwab, the Founder and Chief Evangelist at Interview Valet.

Our continued dedication to listen to the needs and concerns of the podcast industry for both guests and hosts sparked the need to develop this initiative.

The best gift you can give someone is by introducing them to a new person or a new idea, which is ultimately the heart of podcast guesting. It’s about making genuine connections, building relationships, and aiming to gain optimal value out of each interview. Optimal value for the host, the guest, and most importantly the listeners.

Plan of Action

We aren’t focused on guests doing more interviews, we’re focused on our guests doing better interviews.

Going forward Interview Valet Certified Guests who are Committed to Collaborative Promotion will have this seal on their one-page media kit so they can be clearly identified as such. Our team will train our Certified Guests on how to effectively promote and repurpose their interviews.  Our hope is that podcast hosts will learn to quickly identify this seal and rest assured episode promotion will not be a one-way street.

Tom Schwab & The Interview Valet Team

Read the full press release here.



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