How to Reach Out to a Podcast Host – and Get a Podcast Interview

podcast pitch survey

In the summer of 2017, Interview Valet surveyed over 500 top podcasters to find out how they like to be approached. In other words, how do you get yourself that great podcast interview? Our ultimate goal was to learn how to make it easier for hosts to say YES! to an Interview Valet Certified Guest™.

We also wanted to share the results with everyone in hopes of saving hosts from bad introductions and potential guests from waiting their time. So here you are!

Script: Hi there. I’m Dan Moyle with Interview Valet. You’re watching a short video on the results of a recent survey we published.

podcast interview pitch options

It’s a survey born from an internal team meeting. The Interview Valet team met as we do. We talked about the usual business subjects. We then turned to the burning question from our concierge team: How do we get our Certified Guests™ introduced to podcast hosts we don’t have a relationship with yet?

As a team of smart people will often do, we guessed. Would it be hand-written notes? Would it be gifts? Can we find a mutual connection? Is anyone reading email anymore?

From this discussion, we decided that rather than guess … we ought to simply ask! Since our team knows a few podcasters, we decided to just ask them.

What we found out was surprising in some areas, confirming in others. The end result though… was that we had valuable information. We couldn’t just sit on that information and NOT share it (we just don’t work that way); which brings us full circle.

What are the podcast interview introduction results?

First of all, email is not dead. Intros via email do still work. A social media connection helps, and a phone call takes it to the next level.

We also learned that cold intros are not dead. Which makes sense – podcast hosts know a lot of people, but they don’t know everyone! Don’t be scared to pitch your interview hope to a new host.

The bottom line is this though: personal introductions work best. We love that nugget of knowledge. That’s what our team does! We make those personal introductions. That one made us smile.

So that’s the short version of the results. If you’d like to see them laid out in a nice visual, and learn a little more, download the Podcast Survey Results below. Thank you for watching!