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Cliff RavenscraftThe Podcast Answerman
The single greatest way that I have found to grow my audience has been to do podcast interviews on other podcasts that have a similar target audience to my own. Interview Valet has created a white glove service that simply finds you the best podcast interview opportunities and they handle every detail of the process. Beyond that, the guys behind it have the highest of integrity and I fully endorse their work. 

Get Great Certified Guests™ for Free

Great guests that show up on time sounding great & prepared 

How much easier would your life as a podcaster be if every guest was easy to work with and made you look like a genius for introducing them to your listeners?

All of the clients represented by Interview Valet are Certified Guests. 

  • Guests that use professional grade audio equipment
  • Guests that know about you, your podcast and your listeners
  • Guests that show up on time prepared with free valuable offers 
  • Guests that will continually promote the episode on social media
  • Guests that make scheduling and communication a breeze
  • Never a charge to the podcast host

It's easy to say yes, to an Interview Valet Certified Guest.

Jaime Jay Host of Stop Riding the Pine Podcast

When I get an email from Interview Valet introducing a guest, it's an easy YES! I know they will be a perfect fit for my show and someone my listeners will want to hear. The scheduling and coordination are easy. They show up prepared. Interview Valet makes my life as a podcast host much easier.

Monetize Your Podcast

Each week you talk to guests that could benefit from working with Interview Valet.

You can help them grow their business or brand as a podcast guest and help yourself too.

Interview Valet offers a best in the podcast industry affiliate program.  It provides you an ongoing monthly recurring revenue or up to $1,200 per year for each referral that becomes a client.

Anthony Witt Host of The Champion Entrepreneur

The podcast host affiliate program from Interview Valet makes so much sense. It helps my guests and it helps me. I've put it into my automated workflow then discuss it with guests at the end of the recording. It's easy and profitable.

John Lee DumasHost of Entrepreneur on Fire

I recommend Interview Valet to all EOFire alumni. It's simply a great service, run by great people. If you're looking to set your Entrepreneurial journey ON FIRE as a Podcast host or guest, Interview Valet will prepare you to IGNITE!

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