How to be a Great Podcast Guest

After you’ve decided podcast interview marketing is good for your business and you’ve scored that podcast interview, you may be wondering how to impress the host, be a great podcast guest, and build a reputation to secure more interviews. Building on each interview will help you develop that reputation. Becoming a great guest is like honing any skill – it takes a plan and it takes work.

Being a great podcast guest is more than having a great story

A great story will only get you so far as a podcast guest. Sometimes the key to success is following some simple tips that have no connection to your story or your personality.

how to be a great podcast guest

Here’s your “DO” list:

Be a great podcast guest and show up on time

Treat the host’s time with respect. Show up on time – or even a little early – to your interview. Treat it as a media appearance and be punctual + prepared. Sometimes you’ll find an equipment issue you can resolve quickly before the interview kicks off. Plus it’s your chance to chat with the host a little and get to know them.

Have a plan

Be ready to tell your story and share your information. Read over the material the host sends ahead of time (many host do, but not all) or listen to their show so you understand the format. Have a plan on how you plan to respond during the interview. Being a great podcast guest means you’re ready for the conversation.

Be flexible

A good host is always ready to let the interview take on its own direction. Depending on the conversation, the host may go “off script.” Be ready to let the conversation take its natural course. If you stick to your script too rigidly, the interview will get awkward.

Be human, be you

A stumble, a laugh or a pause for emotion all show your your human side. A podcast interview is a chance to connect with people and their stories – be a person. Yes, a podcast can be edited (unless it’s a live show) so don’t be afraid of mistakes – but be ready to embrace the human side of a conversation. Perfection is the enemy of connection.


Once the show is live, promote it like crazy. It’s good for you, it’s good for the host and it’s great for your reputation as a podcast guest.

Here’s your “DON’T” list:

Don’t sell

It’s not an infomercial. Sure, you have a product or service you’re highlighting – but it shouldn’t be a hard sell. You’re having a conversation to engage with an audience. You’re not on basic cable at 3:00am selling snake oil.

Don’t be difficult

Sometimes things go wrong. A host may have construction going on during your scheduled time and need to reschedule. Equipment may malfunction and make things difficult. Remember: the host has invited you into their space – getting angry or indignant may feel good in the moment but it’s almost always a problem in the long-term.

You can download more tips on being a great podcast guest below. Let’s get podcasting!

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