5 Ways Interview Connections Help You Make More Money

Making interview connections through podcast interview marketing can help you make more money whether you’re an emerging brand, an established business, an entrepreneur, an author or a speaker. Essentially if you have a product or service and you have a story that engages an audience, podcast appearances on the connections you make will likely lead to more revenue. They can also lead to more effective marketing, increasing your return on investment (ROI).


Not every podcast appearance will always pay off in direct income (for most of us, anyway). However, our Certified Guests™ have shown us the proof – interview connections made on podcasts lead to new opportunities they only dreamed of before working with Interview Valet.

Now it sounds like we’re bragging about our company. While we’re proud of our work, this is more about proof that podcast interview marketing works rather than a self-serving article about how awesome we are. So let’s get to the 5 ways your interview connections from podcast appearances can help you make more money.

How do interview connections from podcast appearances help me make more money?

1) Product or service promotion

From books to online course to speaking engagements, most podcast guests have a goal in mind. Podcast hosts know that. While they don’t want an infomercial, they expect to talk about the reason you’re there. The first reason is your story. Maybe you have an engaging adventure story about why you’re where you are in life, or maybe you have great experience and knowledge to impart on the audience. Whatever the case, your story is generally the first focus of the interview.

Wrapped up in your story, the host will find the product or service you offer, bringing value to the audience. That audience already engages with the podcast host, so your interview connection will build on that trust. Sending the listener to a specific page on your website will help make the connection for them, leading to downloads and purchases.

2) Reaching a new audience

making-interview-connectionsThe reason TV advertising was so effective in the past was that the shows held the attention of an audience. That group of eyes and ears far exceeded what any business could hope for in regular communications. Today, a business has access to a larger audience than ever before through the internet. Websites, social media, video and podcasts all being in an audience. You face the choice: build your own audience or connect with an existing audience.

For some, building an audience and fostering community works well. For others, making an authentic connection with an engaged audience through an established podcast works best. Podcast interview marketing helps you reach an existing audience, bringing them to your community with the trust built through their affiliation with the host. Reaching new ears and eyes through interviews helps broaden your reach, leading to new opportunities to find potential clients.

3) Connecting with possible partners/affiliates

Podcast interviews lead to more than just sales. Your interview connections could include reaching new business partnerships, affiliate partners, evangelists of your message and more. If you have your own podcast, going on other shows cold also lead to guests on your show. The ecosystem of podcasts amazes us at Interview Valet every day.

As with any tool that connects you with the world, podcasting helps you build a more powerful network. While you may no always measure the ROI of an interview in direct dollars, the web of connections you build can help drive business in new, creative ways.

4) Deepen relationships through conversations

Relationships are the ultimate currency. For much of what we do in life, we do business with people, not faceless entities. Yes, automation and superstores challenge this idea; we still tend to prefer people for many of our interactions. Conversations help us deepen relationships personally. We have found the same thing in business. The more you get to know someone, the more you get to like them and trust them (hopefully!).

Relationships – or networks – lead to more opportunities to help others. As Zig Ziglar famously said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Developing relationships with audiences through interviews with great hosts can help you help more people, driving revenue for your business.

5) Podcast interviews have better ROI than advertising

In the first ever “State of Podcast Interviews” report, where we asked more than 10,000 people to weigh in on the industry, we found that podcast interviews rank higher than any other marketing/advertising category (including Facebook and Google ads). This means investing in podcast interviews will bring you better returns on your efforts.

The more effective your marketing, the less money you’ll spend. That puts cash right back in your budget.

What’s next?

When you’re ready to make those interview connections, let’s see if we’re a good fit. Not every hopeful podcast guest fits our model, and that’s okay. We still have great tips and helpful information to share. But if you’re ready to take that next step and see just how podcast interview marketing works, we’re here.

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