Certified Guests™

Transactions vs. Relationships

Are you tired of another new podcast booking service just focused on placing their client on your show?

Many booking services and PR firms assault hosts with a barrage of generic robo email.

At Interview Valet we focus on long-term relationship.

With hundreds of great Certified Guests™ now and in the future, we provided hosts a white glove service and personally introduce only the ones we feel would add real value and make the host look like a genius for inviting them. 

FACT: Leading podcasters turn to Interview Valet first to fill last minute openings or cancelations.

With our network of great certified guests, we can help relieve hosts/producers stress with one call or email.

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw LINGO: Speak your customers secret language


Dr. Stephanie Gray Your Longevity Blueprint


Steve Shallenberger Becoming Your Best Global Leadership

Rick Cesari

Rick Cesari Legendary Strategic Branding

Ty Bennett

Ty Bennett Keynote Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur | Podcast Host

Jay Conner

Jay Conner Private Lending Expert

Krister Ungerboeck

Krister Ungerboeck The Leadership Archeologist

Josh Brown

Josh Brown Franchise Attorney

Tracy Timm

Tracy Timm Career Coach & Career Clarity Catalyst

Barbara Turley

Barbara Turley Eradicating "Small Business Overwhelm"


Paresh Shah Be a LIFTER


Dave Quick Helping Bulls Survive - Executive Coach

Cliff Hayden

Cliff Hayden Creator at Show Me The Rental

Terry White

Terry White CEO Sunwest Trust, Inc.

scott beebe sq

Scott Beebe 4 Steps to Business Freedom

Jonathan Keyser

Jonathan Keyser Thought Leader, Author, Commercial Real Estate Expert


Gavin Zuchlinski Founder of Acuity Scheduling

Sherrie Campbell

Sherrie Campbell Licensed Psychologist | Author | Speaker

Diane DiResta

Diane DiResta Executive Speech Coach | International Speaker | Sales Presentations Skills Expert | Author

Adam Honig

Adam Honig Co-Founder & CEO of Spiro Technologies | Entrepreneur | Thought Leader

Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner Senior partner and member on the board of directors at Semantic Mastery

Wade Lightheart sq

Wade Lightheart Awesome Health

Jay Lucas

Jay Lucas President, The Lucas Group

Mike Zagare

Mike Zagare Amazon Seller and Founder of PPC Entourage

Mike Giannulis

Mike Giannulis Business Freedom

Tony Bradshaw

Tony Bradshaw Founder/Author/President at The Millionaire Choice

Harry Maziar

Harry Maziar Author of Story Selling

Eric Satz

Eric Satz CEO of Alto

Dan Meadors

Dan Meadors Multi-Million Dollar Amazon Seller | Founder of The Wholesale Formula

Sean Casto

Sean Casto App Growth Expert | Bestselling Author | CEO of PreApps Marketing Agency

10 Fun Fact About Our Certified Guests™

  • One lost over half his body weight on national TV
  • One was the first blind man to Climb Mt Everest
  • One has no depth perception, he sees the world in 2D
  • One took a sniper bullet to the head
  • One is responsible for the most beautiful campus in the US
  • One worked as an executive with Mark Cuban
  • One is a Fox News Contributor
  • One was a founding partner with Bain Capital
  • One has 8 children and a hundred kids each year
  • Two are the marketing minds behind the George Forman Grill

FACT: Our mission is to "personally introduce inspiring thought leaders to millions of ideal customers for the betterment of all."

If we don't find them to be "Inspiring thought Leaders" they aren't represented by Interview Valet

Eddie Yoon

Eddie Yoon Superconsumers to growth

Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane Growth Strategist,Co-Founder at OPTin,Author,Speaker

Sarah Noked1

Sarah Noked Online Entrepreneur, Certified OBM Trainer

Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly Drop Ship Lifestyle

Chad Harper

Chad Harper Corporate Innovation Manager at Lockheed Martin


Biagio "Bill" Sciacca Executive Coach Changing The World One Idea At a Time

Gus Vickery, MD

Gus Vickery, MD Family Physician | Author of Authentic Health

Andy Paul

Andy Paul Host of Accelerate! Podcast | Founder of The Sales House

Brian Greenberg

Brian Greenberg Author: The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell. A Marketing Guide to Selling While You Sleep

Erik Severson

Erik Seversen Improved Communications


Andie Kramer Advocate for Women in the Workplace | Co-Author of Breaking Through Bias | Accomplished Attorney

Susan Goebel

Susan Goebel Business Strategist | Entrepreneur | High-Ticket Closer™ | Published Author

Kelly Resendez

Kelly Resendez Bestselling Author | Influencer | Business Leader

Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez Slayer of the Imposter Syndrome

Allison De Paoli (2)

Allison De Paoli How small business can control health care spending

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson Real Estate Investing | Money Expert | Podcast Host

Michele Williams

Michele Williams Strategic Business Coach and Certified Profit First Professional