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welcome to episode 117, or they explode your expert business show, brought to you by [inaudible] dot org dot UK. I am your host that Simone Vincenzi, the expert strategist, and this is the podcast for experts want to become the ultimate authority in their niche while making an impact in the word today. I have the pleasure to interview the one and only Tom Schwabb on how to speak directly to deal prospects. We targeted podcast interview marketing. You cannot miss this episode, so make sure you listen to this until the end, before I’m going to explain what you’re going to get in this episode. I want to start like I do every single time we the tool of the day. This is a tool that I personally use it in my business or in my life that make my life or business a better, more productive, more enjoyable, more fun, and more profitable.

You call it. I’m using those tools, so tool that I’m using right now is called Trello. Now you might find that you have a lot of projects that are going on and you know as a business sometimes you have multiple things that you’re doing at the same time or you need to manage a project for your client. You need to manage a project maybe with your team and the found that Trello is an incredible tool, first of all because it’s free and second because he’s incredibly easy to use to manage old your project. Also to manage your calendar, to manage your life, to manage the things that you are doing and I’m constantly using it in my team meetings with our teams, with our salesperson, with our marketing person, our a community manager, and everyone else. So make sure that you check it out. It’s called Trello is absolutely free.

There is also a paid version, but the free version is fricking awesome so you can get it and there is the link in the shownotes. Again, there is no affiliation with me and this product is just something that I absolutely use every single time and I completely love. Now let’s go back to the interview, shall we? Yes. Let’s go back to the interview. Fantastic. So, uh, as I said in this interview, we are going to talk with Tom Schwabb and Tom knows how to build an online business and marketing at desire to starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. Tom’s Elb, small business owner, intrepreneurs and solo preneurs get featured on leading podcasts. And, uh, so then a prospect that already listening to a then it shows them how to turn the listeners into customers. So in this interview we talk about how podcasts interviews can help you grow your business, how to get on targeted podcast, and how to monetize your podcast interviews.

You cannot miss it and make sure that you read the entire Shoen owns if you like reading or you get extra bonuses at [inaudible] Dot forward slash episode, the iphone one, one seven. And that’s where you can get the transcript, the show notes. You can watch the video recording of the interview. So that’s old there. And also you can find in description and in the show notes, the link where you can connect with that Tom Schwabb. Uh, before we start, let me remind you that, uh, if you want to make a six figure presentations and become awesome at selling from the stage without compromising your integrity, then I have created for you the ultimate selling from the stage checklist, which is the most comprehensive checklist to create a pitch that sells without selling, like a many, a sleazy door to door salesperson, right? So, uh, you will love it.

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Hello Ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another awesome episode of explode your expert business show today. I’m here with the one and only Tom Schwab. How you doing Tom Simone? I am thrilled to be here. Thank you. Fantastic at now, for those of you that don’t know, Tom, your runs a business called interview valet and he helps small business owner, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs to get featured on leading podcasts. So that podcast that their prospects are already listening to. And then he shows them how to turn their listeners into customers, uh, which, which is awesome. I mean, I’m running a podcast myself, so I’m eager to learn here. I’m eager to get into the trenches and learn from Tom, but before we start, tell them, can you share for the next few minutes it will go to you about yourself and why did you start this business?

Yeah, I guess it all starts with the um, my first job out of college, I ran nuclear power plants in the navy and one of the things that I saw there was that anything can be systematized. You know, when people say, well, you don’t understand my business, it’s too complicated. It’s like, no, if they can teach 20 year old high school students how to run a nuclear reactor safely, you can systematize your business. Right? And I think too many people focused on it, on, on art and uh, and magic, right? So when I looked at sales and marketing and started my own companies, one of the things I looked at is like, let’s figure out a system here, a reproducible system in order to attract, engage and delight customers. And um, about eight years ago started with inbound marketing. There’s company called hubspot. We were one of their early ecommerce companies and at that time content meant blogs, um, and over the, over the years blogs you have gotten less efficient and they never were super effective.

And then about four years ago we started to say, could you use podcast interviews in order almost like guest blogs used to be as an expert to go out there and get in front of your ideal audience to get them to know, like, and trust you. And some all, we were just amazed by the results we got with it. And, uh, had a lot of clients say, Hey, could you do this for me? And I always say the best copy comes from clients and a client that said, I want to be the guest. You take care of the rest, you know, so naturally saying, that’s what I want to. I want to be the performer. So that’s what we do. We help authors, speakers, coaches, um, brands get out there and get in front of their ideal clients. Uh, because, uh, I believe that almost every business out there, their biggest problem is obscurity, right? They’ve got something that could help, they could help people if those people just knew about them.

Absolutely, and I mean if I think about my journey on podcasting and podcasting, word spin that exactly for the same reason I was looking at this must be a better, smarter way to create content and I found myself listening to a lot of podcasts during my commute every morning I was listening and binge listening to some podcasts and then I was like, why am I not starting a podcast myself? And, and not him. Dad. Dad made it, that changed. It was a game changer.

But then I started thinking why am I not going to, on other people’s podcasts which to promote to my bod guys. I have my brand and what I do. And that was mind blowing. So what made, what made you decide podcasts instead of blogs or other? You know, you can do guests lives on facebook lives, you can do a guest blogging and you know, I got some good results. We just guest blogging as well, but why guest podcasting should be the one instead of the auditors? Right. And I think the first thing you have to look at is yourself, right? How do you produce content? The easiest. So for me, I can write a blog, but it feels like a homework assignment, right? But talking and being interviewed, Tony, that’s easy, that’s fun. Then I can reproduce that into other content. So for me personally, I look at it and say this is the medium where I communicate best.

And I think a lot of times with experts, you know, the, the speakers, the coaches, people need to hear your voice need to, to understand who you are because they’re not so much buying a product or service. They’re buying a relationship with that person that, hey, I understand you have some own and know you can help me. You’ve helped other people. So really you’re trying to build that relationship. And so I look at that and say from that standpoint that interviews are more powerful than say just a blog. Then the flip side too is like why would you do interviews on other people’s podcasts as opposed to starting your own? And I don’t think it’s an either or, but some. I’ve been on over a thousand podcasts interviews and when people ask me, why haven’t you started your own podcast yet? I’m like, I’ve been talking about it for years, but obviously anybody that tells you doing a podcast is easy, has either never done it or never done it.

Well, some of the work that you put into this I appreciate and I always look at that as like return on investment. I think I can get more return on investment of being the guest and being on other people’s platforms as opposed to then me starting my own platform. Yep. I completely agree with you is that is about the long term resolves versus short term gain. Uh, you get to a personality believed that when you are a guest talking about public speaking, right as well when you’re speaking on someone else that’s the age they do the hard work for you, which is running the event logistics, promoting the event, getting people in the room and creating everything. Euro Cup. And you are the star of this show. You sell your product and you go home. That’s what you do. The same thing. You deliver your interview. You didn’t have to think about setting up the podcast. They branding the marketing, the re purposing, taking a piece of content year doing. They’re getting the assistance to message and again, they guessed that, remind me, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So you have a

at is leveraging your time much better. And I agree with you. I love that.

I love that idea of podcasts being a digital stage and you were so right, uh, that, that digital stage, if you can let somebody else build the stage for you, it’s so much easier to get your expertise out there.

Absolutely. I agree with you under percent. I think that is a, they both work really well. I’m also a big advocate on having your own podcast because that’s where people are going to follow you and that’s where people, then they will have buddy, uh, requires a lot of work. It requires a team to run. It is that project is a full time project in your business and then some people decide to do. I think what I love about these interviews that I and a lot of people that already have podcast while you’re saying no, you don’t need one, and I think, and I’m hearing some of our listeners saying, oh, things go right because they know, they say, okay, everybody’s telling me to run my own podcast, but I can actually make it without doing it, which I love it.

And if it could be either or, I think you can work your strengths, whatever your passion is behind. But to me there’s a bigger commitment being a podcast host. You know, you, you show up regularly. Uh, and if you took the summer off, people would notice if a guest takes the summer off, nobody’s going to notice.

I agree with you, completely agree with you 100 percent. And it goes back to what kind of lifestyle do you want to live, what kind of lifestyle and what kind of business so you want to have and that there is not one way that fits every business. You know what’s important for you. You know, your strength. You know the way we want to run your business. You have the freedom to run it in the way you want. You want to have a podcast, a podcast. You don’t want to have a podcast just having guests interviews just to have guests interviews. So now let’s explore the getting to the right podcasts because I know as a podcaster myself and I’m average, interviewed about 100 podcast a year. That’s my target of external interviews. Not all podcasts are created equal. There is podcasts and podcasts. So how can someone find the right podcast?

Oh, you’re right. Sometimes people ask me, well, how do you get on a podcast? I’m like, well, there’s 400,000 podcasts out there. Getting on one is not the problem. Getting on the right one. That’s the question you need to be asking if you want better answers, ask better questions. So really we look at it. Our Algorithm looks at four things. So the first one is the podcast itself. So look at the popularity and who it’s talking to. You know, it could be a big podcast focused on, um, cat juggling or knitting as a coach or an expert. That’s not going to help you. That’s not your audience there, so when we go through looking at that, we always say, okay, what’s the popularity in itunes? What’s the typical listener of that? We also look and say, how long has this been podcast been around? You know, the ugly reality is that most podcasts that die die within the first 10 episodes, so you really don’t want to be guest number seven when they stopped paying the lips and bill on number eight and is completely lost.

So that’s the first thing and I think lots of people look at that, but there’s other things you can look at two and one of them is the website because the backlinks from a podcast are so powerful. We’ve got some clients that do podcast guesting just as an seo strategy, so you can look at the podcast and say, do they have. What’s their popularity like an Alexa ranking? What’s the authority like a Mazda ranking? And that can be very powerful. The third thing is social media. Are they promoting it? How many people are actually going to see this? And then we always look at what of our experience been with, with previous clients. You know, there are some big podcasts that are so generic that they never seem to convert real well because they’re talking to everybody. Whereas if you can find something in a podcast that has your ideal listeners in it, man, that’s, you’ll get the best conversions from that. It’s almost like if you’re a speaker, do you want to speak in front of 100,000 random people for five minutes? No, because you’ll tick them off. Right? Or would you rather speak to a conference room of a hundred or a thousand ideal customers? Well, the smart experts know that they want to be in front of their ideal customer. So sometimes we have to remind people that there’s more fish in the ocean. But if you can find a barrel of fish, go there every time.

Absolutely. Absolutely. I agree with you. Completely agree with you. One hundred percent. I remember I go to a lot of clients going through external podcasts, interviews, and these podcasts we’re in even huge. They were into huge podcast. They were in big names, but I know that my exact avatar was there, so of course size matters, say size, doesn’t matter if I, Hey, size matter and if you know, if you’re running, if you’re being interviewed on a podcast that which has three listeners and it’s releasing is our, the mom, the dad, and to cease their and the goldfish have the host, then you might not get results from there. But then as you said, is to look at for as long as your podcast being around. And uh, this is for example as well. I’m seeing this as a, as a point of view, a podcast host when I’m looking for my guests.

I had to recently jerrick Robbins, which is the son of Tony Robbins, says a guest. We’re going to release the episode soon. Now, I didn’t approach him hop until I had 100 episodes because I remember I approached, approached him once and I wasn’t thinking about a 20 episode mark and your team tore me down. I said, no, your podcast is to fresh. So then I waited up onto the 100 episodes and then it was easy, straight in. Yes, you’re coming in. So I think that as well that longevity is crucial from a guest point of view because he says that, are you a hosted actually can get me some results.

So it’s uh, it’s gotta work for both people. So from that standpoint, that was a big point for you to be at your hundredth episode and for him to come on after that point sort of takes you to the next level. So, uh, yeah, all looking, all of those things will make the difference between just getting on a podcast and getting business results for a podcast interview.

Absolutely. So now if I want to, let’s say a, how do I find the right podcast then? So if I’m going, you know, sometimes when I want to be a guest on the show, I’m, I’m going on my itunes and I’m checking them, flicking on the trending podcasted there are and see if that’s relevant. But what other ways can be defined. The ride show.

Yeah. One of the best ones is to ask your current clients if they listen to podcasts, right? Ask them, Hey, do you listen to podcasts? What ones are your favorite ones? Because one of the things that we have found is that it’s not always going on the same style of podcast, but getting in front of your ideal listener. So let me give you an example here. Some, um, we had a client early on, a great business coach, but when he went on co on podcasts that were for business coaches, he sounded like every other business coach, right? Everyone was basically the same. But when he got on a podcast that focused on men’s health, uh, you know, a middle aged men, he made a comment and it said he works with his clients on a work life balance. He said, it does, you no good if you make your first million by the age of 30, if you make your first widow by the age of 40.

That resonated so well with those, that audience. It was like the first time a business coach, a life coach had been in front of that audience. They were open to seeing that and I always use the example. It’s almost like, um, you know, walking into a bar, if you’re the only woman that walks into that bar, you’re going to get noticed. And it was the same thing. He walked into a place where he was different, he was fresh, it had fresh ideas. So a lot of times people just start to say, well, I’m, I’m selling coaching or I’m a speaker, so I need to get on speakers, podcasts now get on the podcast that you’re ideal listeners are already listening to ’em and get in front of him there.

I think that’s very powerful and remarks the fact that your customers ever hold the answers, your customers at whole answers all the bloody time.

And with that too, also, I love that line. Um, I’ve always said that your customers, the only expert, you know, I’ve got an opinion on my business and you’ve got an opinion on it, but it’s an opinion. The customer is the one that’s in voting and voting with their dollars. So do more what they love and do less of what they load. So like when you’re on a podcast interview, we worked with a client and he, um, is a, a, an accountant and he does a lot of virtual cfo work. Well we, he was getting in on different podcasts. We were looking at the data and after about four months pointed out paint you notice that you do really well on ecommerce podcast and dentist podcast. And he’s like, you know, a lot of my clients have been that, that area there. So from that standpoint is like for the next five months, all we focused on was ecommerce podcasts and dentist podcast. It was like once we figured out what that barrel of fish was, we just kept going and trying to find different ones there. So I think it’s important you go on podcasts to have some kind of a mechanism in order to understand where your traffic’s coming from because you know, if some podcasts or giving you base hits, we’ll maybe don’t go to that type anymore. But if some of them are given you home runs, but go back to that podcast and find other podcasts and just like that.

Absolutely. Great. Great. Great. Now I want to then go into the step further, so now we discussed about one of the ways do you find guest podcasts so now you know how to find them. You have an idea on how to find them, but then you are on the show. Now you’re at a time where you are in the show and as important as you mentioned before, tell them that you don’t sound like everyone else. Somehow you got to stand out. Somehow. You go to get this listener to say, oh my God, this is the person for me. I want to start an interaction. I want to engage with the person and ultimately maybe by for this person, how do you stand out as a guest?

Well, I love this and I love how how you describe it on your website and you should. You should trademark that line of how not to be a Douche bag on a stage because that is so true because I have a podcast. Interview is a great place to build credibility and build that know, like and trust. It’s an awful place for an infomercial, and so we do a lot of testing and, and digital marketers will always tell you one call to action, right? Just give one call to action. Our testing has consistently shown to give three calls to action off of a podcast or interview and I’ll, I’ll pull behind the curtain here and show you how I use it. And you’ll be like, oh, okay, now I get it. So the three calls to action or a small yes, a medium yes and a heck yes.

So for me, a lot of times the small yes will be, hey, there’s, you know, nine secrets to getting on your first podcast and there’s an infographic for that and I’m not going to go through and list all nine of them, but I’ll tell people, hey, there’s this free info graphic and you can go back and get that. And we always make a dedicated welcome page to send traffic back to. And that way we can measure which ones are a base hit, which ones are home run. So total transparency here. If you go to interview, forward slash explode, you will see what a welcome page looks like and I’ll tell you right now, you have no idea what I look like. You have no idea what my website looks like, but you know simone and you know as podcast, so the first thing you’re going to see on there is going to be his picture, right?

That’s that task, trust seal, and it cuts down to the bounce rates and then there’ll be some words and then there’ll be this small. Yes, the medium yes and the heck yes. So the small yes. Just that little infographic. The medium yes is typically I wrote a book called podcast guests profits. You can buy it on Amazon, but I give away more than I sell. So that’s always the medium. Yes. If you want a copy of the book, just go there and you can get a free download on it. And then the big yes, especially for coaches and experts. If somebody hears you and they’re like, simone gets me, he can help me. He’s the one. Well, don’t slow them down in a sales funnel, right? Um, one of our clients build, Troy wrote a book called a quicksand. How digital marketing is killing your business.

And one of the points he makes there is big fish don’t go through funnels and whales don’t go through and whales don’t click. So if somebody hears you for 30 or 45 minutes and they want to work with you, don’t slow them down. Let them talk with the wizard. So the big yes for us as, hey, you know, if podcast, interview marketing sounds like something you would like to learn more about to leverage, let’s jump on a 15 minute discovery call and see how you might use it. So once again, um, how do you, how do you sell from a podcast without being a douchebag? We’ll give them ways to help them. So the small yes, um, you know, here’s the checklist. That medium, yes. Hey, here’s a free book. The big yes where they come ready to engage. Well, let’s talk and do that all through a dedicated welcome page. This is mind blowing, I have to say had off. Uh, and actually I have no, I love this show because I get to learn always something. So you just changed my guest podcast strategy right now. We are actually tonight. I’m going to create that page for my next interviews, like literally straight away. This is, this is such a great, great thing in particular because of I loved about,

is true. The majority of the clients that will pay you the biggest amount of money, they’re not going through the funnels. Funnels are for the masses. They straight conversations I wanted is for a few. And if you’ve got a few through a long funnel, first of all, dangled the time to go through it, an angled, a passion to go through it to just want the results because their pain is big or pain or desire is strong enough to get them to say, I know this is important for me. I love this. Let’s move forward. And that’s the same thing for example that happens. So, um, my speciality selling from the stage through seminars in particular, small event when we get 15 people in the room and we can make up to $100,000 with 15 people in the room and when we funnel people through that seminar to get there, we have the first call to action during a presentation, which is to download something so they might send a text or my to put their name down to get something to download during that presentation. And then there is going to be a stronger call to action towards the end, we’d ordered a product to buy or the um, or the conversation or booking a consultation for having a proper conversation. So that’s the same psychology around it. So which makes sense. Absolutely. That,

that’s a great analogy. And our, um, uh, because, um, I’ve had this argument back and forth with people and it’s like a, an interview or speaking from a stage that’s not cold traffic, that’s not the same thing as a traffic off of facebook ad traffic off of blog. They’ve already heard your heart for 30, 30 minutes. Um, so they know more about you than you know about them at that time. So like you said, to have the conversation with them.

Exactly. Exactly. And also on top of that, there is the endorsement and the transference of authority from the guests from the host of the podcast, which is someone that they already have a relationship with to you. So now you are already immediately not completely like and trusted, but how flight and the health trust trusted.