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And you’re listening to our printer, our podcast job security for the unemployable, the center for our podcast, Michael O’neil. Welcome to this side of every episode, the best and brightest cerner printers in the land. And now your host, Michael Neill. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode six slash 70 of these solo preneur our what’s up. It’s free coaching Friday and I’m live here actually from the, uh, lobby of pod fest in Orlando. And uh, it’s awesome. I’m actually sitting in vendor row and the, uh, the Nice folks from interview Valet were Nice enough to let me use their table for this particular show. Hey Tom, why don’t you have a seat right there for a second? Grab this sucker. These, it needs to be. I’m sure you know this, but right up upon your whiskers. Say a couple words. Let me turn this mic up. Keep testing of Solo preneur our.

Oh, look it. I’ll look at you one more. Keep going. Uh, I’m a man of few words. Okay, good. That’s good. That’s perfect. Um, interview And we had a, a, a Ron Walker on the show. Episode Five. 10. Yes, um, and we talked all about how he was the man and he’s been on a million different podcasts and because he worked out the system to be on the podcast, he is going to form this interview valet situation and now I found out about you and you’ve also been on a million podcasts. Well, I’m the only $1,200. Is that a, you know, it’s uh, I think I’ve made every mistake possible and that’s what we, uh, we learn, we’ve perfected the system, we continue to test the system and really it is a marketing system, right? I think podcast interview marketing in five years is going to be as common as facebook marketing or email marketing, right?

Getting, using podcast to get your message out there, uh, if somebody wants to like from entry level to full on concierge as much as you can do, what are the, what’s the price range when they bring you guys on to fill their calendar with podcasts? Really it from the price range. We all do it by the number of interviews. Okay. So like when Simon and Schuster comes to us for a virtual book tour, they’ll say hey, can I get a dozen interviews the week before it goes live and that doesn’t, but the week after it goes live and a lot of times coaches, speakers, they’ll just say hey, I want to do two a month or for a month. And really we just base it on the number of complete interview. So it’s $350 per complete interview. I’m the only in as much as they want to. Exactly. Right. Okay.

And then are there packages or is that. It’s just all the cards basically concierge level service. So from the standpoint we can design what they need, but as far as the packages go, what we have seen is that you need all the ingredients to get business results from it. So sometimes people will say, well can’t you just get me on a podcast? Or how do I get on a podcast? Really the question, if you want to get better answers, you need to get better questions. And the question really is, how can I use podcasts, interviews to grow my business, getting on a podcast is a part of that. So we really look at the entire thing, getting on the right podcasts, being prepared for them, doing a great interview, and then a lot of the inbound marketing, right? How do you move from being a passive listener to enact a visitor to your site?

And then ultimately engaged lead because that’s what it’s about, right on. Well, you guys do a great job. I hear from rosy all the time with great people and uh, and I appreciate that. Has a content provider that you provided me great guests to, uh, to be able to talk to. Well Michael, we appreciate you and all that you do. You know, I’ve done 1200 interviews and people say, well, why don’t you do you own podcast? And that’s like, honestly, I’m lazy. Anybody that says doing a podcast is easy, has never done it or never done it. Well, the great ones just make it look easy. Um, and that’s why I always say, Hey, show some love back and go live. Leave him a rating and review. Yes, very much. So. This is episode six slash 70 of this show. Do you believed that? I just on like episode six, 66?

No, that would’ve been my luck. Yes. I always, I had a plan where I wanted to either get one of the dudes from iron maiden or the guy from omen. Remember the omen. I wanted to get the original actor for that, but it fell at a very bad time for me and so I couldn’t pull it off, but that was the original plan is to get like the omen guy would’ve been so fun for six slash six. Anyway. Interview Valet Dot Com. Uh, and, and got. I mean, look if you have a, if you have content that you want to get out in the world or if you have a podcast. Actually, I mean if you are a podcaster, you want great guests, making sure that they know about you and that you’re on their radar because they will send you great guests to listen. That’s the thing is that everything we do for the podcast host is free.

That’s right. You got a podcast, you want great certified guests that show up on time. Sounded Great. We provide them professional equipment, so it’ll sound great. So do you give mikes and stuff? Yes. Oh, I didn’t know that. Yeah. Every one of our clients gets a bike. We do a practice interview with them so that they know how to do everything. They shouldn’t be practicing on other people’s show. I love it. I love it. Thanks man. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me hang out at your booth while I do free coaching Friday here. Look at all these questions I have. I have all I got to answer all this on the show today. That’s what I’ve got going on. So thanks so much man. Much appreciated. And. Okay, so we are a, I got a bunch of questions for you guys today and um, it is, it’s time.

So I’m just going to, I’m going to jump right into this thing because you know, I’m in a lobby for crying out loud. Oh, you know, I should do this while I’m here. I’m doing a thinkific. Was Nice enough to. Let me take over their instagram account today, so I’m going to just let them know that I’m recording my podcast here from a pod fest and I’m in the vendor row right now. And, uh, this is free coaching Friday for the solopreneur hour, episode six slash 70 going out right now. So first question of the day is a from Nathan Brown. He says, Hey, I recently discovered the solopreneur hour podcast through your appearance on another one of my favorite podcasts, Ross Bentley’s speed secrets. That was super fun. I got to talk cars. Needless to say, I’ve been downloading and listening daily ever since. Thank you, Nathan. It was a truly a moment of serendipitous timing as I just recently decided to finally stop thinking about starting my own business and start taking the steps to make it happen.

I have a question that might work well for free coaching Friday as I imagined amy not be alone in this position as you probably gathered from being a speed secrets subscriber. I’m a car guy and more specifically a track day and motorsports enthusiasts. I currently work for an automotive business which does basic service work, part sales and modifications to decent job, and I’m maxed out in my current position below the owner’s feeling, both board and underpaid. The perks are no longer enough to stay content unless you’re an owner in this kind of shop. Money. Real money can be hard to come by. Anyway. The long story short is that I feel like I can create a solo preneur automotive business using my skill sets that allows me to both the flexibility to follow my passion and the finances to do so. I need to start thinking slow and building it sat on the side while I keep my current job.

Obviously there’ll be a conflict of interest at some point. I don’t want to do exactly what the business I work for does now. Um, but a conflict of interest is inevitable when it comes to certainly to selling certain parts or services. There will be overlap. Excuse me, overlap without question. What are your thoughts on it? Um, or when should I come clean to the owners about what I’m doing? I generally follow a and honesty’s the best policy approach, but I’m sure they’ll have a problem with this as they’ll not want to lose me as an employee or having me competing with them and will do what they can to squash it. I do not have any sign noncompetes or agreements in place. As an aside, it’s been interesting to learn that you and I see are a few other hobbies and interests. I’ve always been an audio guy.

I’m a huge Porsche fan and I have a couple of old vintage bmx bikes as well. Yeah, Dude. Nathan, we’re buds already. You’re just missing drums and we have the same hobbies in general. So dude, I would 100 percent just, you know, fire this thing. One hundred percent word of mouth from your garage. Just get a couple of clients, do a couple of projects for them. No conflict of interest there yet. If you start finding that your Saturdays are, your weekends are, your nights are full and you’re having more fun and being more fulfilled with this side Gig, wait till the pipeline is rather full before you have the conversation with your boss. But I would eventually have that. I think your instincts are right and say, look, I don’t know that you need to say much more than what you just wrote me. You just say, hey man, I’m, I’m feeling like I’m on.

I’m hitting a ceiling A. I’ve been doing some projects on the side. I’ve got some leverage and some, um, uh, I don’t know. I’ve got some buzz happening and people are starting to hire me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. And it’s, especially in the automotive world, it happens all the time. People leave shops all the time to start their own shop. I’m thinking right now specifically, if you’re a car guy, you’ll know about, oh God, what’s his name? Fantastic painter who painted for chip foose and then he left us to. Oh, Charlie, remember when Charlie left chip foose for a or not chip foose. Remember when he left, uh, what’s his face for a boy? He left Boyd Cottington for chip foose and that was a major, a major issue, right? It chip freaked out. It was like a whole deal. I mean, boys freaked out, but he’s got a super successful shop now and nobody else in the industry cared because, well, first of all boyd was a jerk, but second of all people do that.

I mean, if you look at how some of these people’s careers have gone, they’ve all worked for another shop at some point. They were always mentored under someone. They always learned the ropes under someone. It’s kind of a normal part of the automotive world. So I would just make sure that what you’re doing, you just do it on the side. It’s all good. Um, you know, if it’s just you doing things for friends, quote unquote, for the first few months, that’s fine. If you start getting like, hey, you know, I got to like four projects now, this is going to pay for the next three months of my life. It’s probably time to say, hey guys, I’m doing this thing. On the side, now I’m actually considering getting another location. Are you okay with that or, or if it’s not even really up to them, say, look, this is where I am.

I feel like I’m hitting a ceiling and, um, I still want to have a, you know, I want to be able to expand and grow and, and run my business. So what I would love to do is I would still be able to love to, to, to come and work for you guys and maybe you come on, maybe you leave the company as an employee and you come back on as a consultant. That’s also not unprecedented. It’s the kind of thing that people do all the time. Can we go, look, I’m going to, I’m going to change my schedule a little bit. I’m going to come here and work Monday, Wednesday, Friday for you guys and uh, I’ll help train the new person as they come on. And uh, I’m going to spend Tuesday and Thursday at my shop and you know, everybody’s, everybody’s a winner.

That’s, that’s what I would do. Nathan. And uh, yeah man reached out. I want to send me some pictures of your vintage bmx stuff. I’m Scotty John Russell goes, Hey, Michael, love your podcast. I’m glad dude, you’re in Solo lab and I’m sure you keynote was great. Um, if I’m being honest to you guys, the keynote just gave yesterday, here at pod fest was the best keynote I’ve ever given. It’s the best talk I’ve ever given. It was awesome. They gave me 70 minutes and uh, it went really, really, really well. I was really happy about it. Um, anyway, he goes, I’m a, my issue is with network marketing. There’s been so much hype and bs in the industry. I feel like we lost the idea. It can be an amazing profession if we focus on building people. How does a person stand out and bring integrity back to the industry?

Do you feel technology is helping or hurting the industry? So a lot of really good questions there. Scotty. I’m first and foremost, I think technology at the beginning and I’ll just talk about individuals. I, I’m, you know, I don’t speak for the industry of network marketing. It is something that I think got a bit of a, I’m kind of a bad rap for awhile, but literally everybody I know that’s in it is a great, smart entrepreneurial person. So I don’t have any issues with the industry at all. Um, I do think you need to pick a product that you really love and that you can use day by day and that you would buy even if there was no compensation plan. So I do think that, uh, for sure, um, I think to build your business it needs to start with the things that don’t scale.

You and I have talked about this a in person, which is, you know, if you’re going to build, you know, I love isogenics. It’s one of the companies I love very much. I’ve been with them for, Gosh, almost nine years now. Two thousand nine is when I started with isogenics in August. So I’m approaching nine years. I still this morning had my isogenics shake it. It’s how I have breakfast every single day. I’m not currently building a business, but if anybody out there was like, look, I kind of want to build a business that is a, you know, for passive income and I want to, you know, I want to try network marketing or maybe I want to lose weight or I’m an athlete and want more stamina or whatever. I mean I use it for racquetball and it’s insane. I do an east shot and I do this other, the shot called Nox, which is like, I think an oxygen o two kinda shot.

I feel like Superman on the court. So I know this stuff works. It certainly works for me. It’s not hard for me to tell people about it. I can make them a shake and go here and check this thing out. Um, and then I can show them and introduce them to people that have made millions of dollars in the industry with isogenics. And so I don’t have any, like, my integrity is 100 percent behind the company. Um, in your case, Scotty, I think that one of the things that we have, the challenges me anyway, is that people try to automate too quickly. They try to scale and get digital and build funnels and things like that before they built a business. And that goes from network marketing. Regular marketing. I think you need to do the things that don’t scale first, you know, you need to bring people on by sitting with them and a coffee shop and sitting for a couple of hours or however long it takes and sharing with them how your products work and you know, um, if you build a business that way and you start building a nice little tribe, you can then, uh, you can then start automating it and scaling it and you can start thinking about funnels.

You can start thinking about online courses and zoom calls and things like that. If you’re in a company that does it well. And by the way, to search for a company, I always like to have a company that has a great management team and they’ve got a great product. They’ve got a product that I would use whether or not, um, I was, you know, building a business from it anyway, so I love when people say, you know, are able to market well and say, you know, what I’ve trained on a number of times on this show, I’ve certainly talked to you about this enough, which is, you know, who do you help with? What I help blank do blank. So when someone walks up to you, Scotty, and I know you, your new product is kind of a fitbit to the next level, you could say like, well, you know, what are you doing?

They go, well, you know, you could say something like, I help people, um, get full clarity over exactly what their body’s doing for health and you know, I dunno, health management, whatever it is, health and fitness or something like that. And they’re gonna go, how do you do that? You got, well, I have this great device that you wear on your wrist. It’s like a fitbit, but it’s to the next level. It’s made by, I think it was Toshiba or something like that. And it monitors this, this, this, this, and this. It’s one of those things that you can literally hand to your doctor and they have all the diagnostics of what happened to your body over the last month. So fantastic. If anybody has a chronic illness or you’re trying to get healthier or any of this stuff, it’s like, you know, an apple watch on steroids if you will.

And someone’s going, oh, how do you, how do I get one of those? But I’ll go. I’ll tell you all about it. There’s actually a, um, I, I, I do them as a business now. I’m happy to show it to you. Do you want to schedule a meeting? That’s how I would do every interaction. Scotty. That’s right. That’s exactly how I do it. And those meetings can be there either phone call or go meet them at a starbucks, bring the device, show them exactly what it does. You know, you meet with them for awhile ago. This thing looks really great. I love the product. I didn’t know. I didn’t know that I could. I could sell it. That sounds really awesome. Sign me up. Let me have one, and so you do that for 50 people and you got yourself a, a, you got yourself a show, you’ve got yourself a business, which is what you’re looking for.

Um, what’s up buddy? Little Free coaching Friday happening here right now. Mark Asquith from podcast website. Stopping by for a little candle cameo. Hey Dude. Come and say hello. Sit down here for a second. Have this microphone and just check it real quick. Speaking to it. Keep going. Keep going. One, two, one, two. Hello. Hello alone. This is mark podcast websites. Don’t call mom and, and I can fake the accent. You actually have a good fake accent. He’s a very good fair Cox and I have to try and keep it to apply sometimes. Forget. That’s right. That is not a real accent. It’s right. It’s very. It’s usually seen with the ladies. He talks. He’s talking with me like this, like an American accent. As soon as a girl walks up to the do the fake accent again. Hello there. Yeah, see what he does. You see how that feels a bit English, I must admit.

Very good at it too. Feels almost natural. Good. Hey, so podcasts, websites, give me the latest you’ve been on the show before. I forget what number, but what’s the latest on pws? Oh, we got some crazy stuff coming. We just launched our new academy this week, so the podcast success academy. So teaching podcast is the skills that no one tells them the need to succeed. Great. So all the little hidden bits that no one ever tells them we need that. I think I might have told them on a webinar. Yeah, I may have told them some of those maybe. Yeah. The interview tips search and we’re digging into digital marketing a little bit more. Love it. Digging into the Seo side, things that no one tells you you need to keep sustaining success over the next 10 years. You know, it’s not about the first year, it’s not first 18 months. This is the bigger picture stuff, right? We’ve got some new product launches as well coming up this year. Some stuff that will launch in around the middle of the year called, which is a little bit under wraps at the minute, but it’s all good. It’s united launching bad products. So as you know, we never launch. We launch average.

That’s cool. By the way, just for clarity for you guys, um, podcast websites, if you are starting a podcast or you have one already, it’s like one stop shop. So it’s the website and the hosting. They’ve got a great design team in house. You get the stats. It’s, it’s all based in wordpress. It’s a, it’s a gorgeously interfaced model if you will. Yeah. Thank you man. It’s good. It’s nice to have next to you because it’s good. This is a good mind. It’s a great mic. Yeah, it’s good to help people just do what they want to do. Right. You know, it’s frustrating when people can do or want to do because of the learning curve. You know what it’s like. I do. We use them for the hinds horse show. Fantastic. Yeah. Yeah. Super easy experience and we spoke about it before, but our histories are very similar with the agencies and the whole web thing and design world managed challenging.

Some people stopped before they’ve even started because they’re scared of all this stuff. It’s such a shame. Yes, that is true, but it’s a good. We enjoy these things. You notice these things as much as we are. They’re just awesome seeing people. Now. This is not a job, is it? It is a it as my dad would say, beats shoveling shit that is just, it. Just barely. But it’s really good. We’re in Orlando. It’s um, God, I don’t know, almost 80 degrees right now. Did you bring, did you bring the Porsche? I did not, so they don’t let me bring it on the plane. Oh, of course. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a bit of a drive. There’s no English. I am. I’m like, wait a minute. This is a drill. Just swing right over. Yeah. That would be a 60 hour drive or something with no air conditioning.

There’ll be a bone. I’m from England. Mon, everywhere as two hours. Right. Top to bottom. Yeah, exactly. That’s right, that’s exactly right. This one would be a little longer than just a but um, but it’s fun. There’s actually a big. I’m Amelia Island concours event that happens here not too far from here. And that’s where a lot of the fancy cars or deployed. Yeah, you’d like that. And then so will you be a social media marketing world or trafficking conversion or any of those things? All of those things. I’m going to come and hung it in San Diego for 10 days actually. Beautiful San Diego. So I want to come and see you on the bike and I want to come in and it feel it feels a lot better today though. So we’ll see. Yeah. Good. It sounds like it was not done. Thankfully. There’s no acl so it should be cool and I’m looking forward to it and just hanging again.

You’ll know what this is like, how rare is it to go to conferences and just be an attendee to what I am now because I spoke yesterday and now it can be a civilian. Oh, it’s awesome. It’s awesome. So I’m speaking tomorrow here. So you’re always on a little bit of a right, you can’t do much of that stuff in San Diego. It’s just going to be attending, hanging around with guys like you and chilling out, having a good time and seeing good people. Will you have a booth or anything there? No, we were going to do, but we were um, I went to scope out, went down to just being attendee and see friends. Cool. Let’s, let’s have you back on the show for like a proper proper episode when you’re in town. I would love to, of course. Thanks for swinging by my friends.

My mom. Alright. Alright. PODCASTS, websites dot for Mark Asquith are asked with all the squids anyway and people just walking by the booth and I have a little sign that says recording in progress, but it’s fun. People stopping by. It’s Super Fun. Um, okay. Let’s see where we are. We’re talking. Alex young says, Hey, uh, I’m working with streamline my brand and what I do so I can hopefully scale and reach a larger audience with my message and slash the message of my podcast guests. I’d like to interview more guests, be interviewed on more outlets and do more speaking tips slash tricks to make this happen. I don’t want to be redundant, but I’m sitting here at the interview Valet booth. I’m sure you’ve already figured that out, Alex. this is certainly a way to, uh, to do that. It’s kind of obviously this one is a pay to play and, but you can reach out to them for sure to get more guests and the.

Let’s see if I can. Let me. I actually happen to have Aaron Walkers, uh, notes in front of me, so I’ll let me tell you about what he, what he did, how to get out, how to get on a podcast. He, number one, he wrote his story out. Number two, he developed a template and you just listen to this episode. By the way, it’s episode five, 10. He wrote out a template, which is kind of the highlights of his bio. I’m his assistant, sent it to everybody he could think of. He followed those people on facebook and twitter. He ended up doing a 176 interviews. He did a target audience with Nep was number six and he gave away stuff on the show, so I think every time he did an episode he would have something to give away. So very, very cool. Um, he has been on Eo fire twice.

Only 20 people have done that in like 1400 episodes and he’s been on all these really huge a podcast. So, you know, in terms of how to get on other shows, it’s kind of hustle muscle. You’ve got to just reach out, pick the shows you want to be on and say, look, here’s the deal, here’s what I want to talk about. If you’re interested, here’s my booking link or whatever, and just kind of move on. There isn’t like a holy grail, you know, one click, boom, just do this. And then you’re on every show if you can be lucky enough to get on, you know, real media. Oh, sorry. He’s totally yelling. Jet Lag is real. Kids are waking up at 8:00, which is five in the morning for me is not easy. Anyways. So reaching out to those groups and uh, and you know, just doing it, doing it the old fashioned way, you know, one to one, the things that don’t scale are the things that you kind of have to do.

And I know that sounds really boring for you guys, but those are how you make it happen. And you’re from Ohio. What’s around on the ends and high in the middle. Oh, hi. Oh, hold on, I got to charge my phone is here. All right, let me just grab this judge. Actually, I’m just gonna grab this cord. Don’t tell anybody that’s good. Podcasting me, plugging in a cord and Hey, all right, now we’re good. Two percent charge. Okay. So I’m Brian Basilico. I take that back. I skipped Jackie. Jackie buyer says, Hey, I just got my first sponsor. Now I want to know how to keep them and how do I get another. So, um, so I’ll tell you, you, um, the first thing you have to do is congratulate yourself because it’s not easy to get a sponsor. That is a very difficult thing to do in general.

Uh, the second thing is what I like to do with brand new sponsors is I have a methodology. So what I’ll do is I’ll say let’s make a three month, a three month arrangement. Okay, so you’re going to pay me x amount of dollars for whatever the three month arrangement arrangement is. So I like to go quarterly with mine and then this is the important part. After the quarter, let’s, let’s meet, let’s evaluate where we are, here’s the price I’m going to give you. It will be a discount or whatever your price is going to be, but here’s the price I’m going to give you. And then if you find that, you know, you’ve got tons of response from that, I’m going to trust that you will let me know. Right? And if, if it makes sense to either raise the prices or track, you know, some of CPA, so you pay me $2,000 for three months or whatever it is.

And then any sale after x, I get a commission off of. Or if it makes sense to just do straight commission. If you starting to get a number of people that are purchasing the product, then you just go straight commission, you can make more money that way and they won’t care that it’s better for them. So, so that’s the first thought. The second thing is I love to look at a, um, a metric that I call CPA, which is cost per or not cpa rather take the back customer lifetime value. So, um, so clv, if you will, how much is that customer once they’re a customer of whoever your advertiser is, how much that customers spend over their entire lifetime of, uh, of being a client. So if they spend a thousand dollars, you go, okay wait, I’m only charging them a thousand dollars for this ad. And you’re saying, look, that means that if we get literally one person off to show, to sign up for your product, you’re going to break even. That’s what your average customer lifetime value is.

Sorry, I’ve got the Yonnie, Yonnie bugs. It’s a quarter of four anyway. So if you get, if you get one client that signs up because of my add and the average client spends 1400 bucks, you can say, hey, I can charge $1,400 a month or whatever, however you want to do it. In the case of beginner audio file, that shows doing between three and 4,000 downloads and episode, my lifetime customer value for the first client I had was about 1200 bucks. So I said, okay, I’m going to charge them $1,500 a month. Um, if two people buy, they make a huge profit, you know, and that’s how I view it every time. That’s it makes it an easy negotiation if you understand what their lifetime customer value is. So to keep them, you’ve got to make them happy. You’ve got to make some sales, try to make sure the sales are trackable, that needs to be something that you talked to them about and say, look, I’m really happy to do that. We need to be able to track these sales. So I need either a promo code or a landing page or something, some coupon code where people know that once they purchase from your episode, like, Hey, go to solo that, um, that they’re coming from you.

And so once you do that, it’ll make it a lot easier to track it and, uh, you know, that whole, that whole scoop. Okay, Jackie, good luck and congratulations with your new sponsor. Well done. Less to more. Brian Basilico, Michael Hagan. So sorry for the loss of your friend. Thanks Brian. It just sucks because we all hit that point in life where we go to more funerals and weddings. Wow. I never thought about that. That’s a depressing thought. Um, anyway, my questions are first with the recent itunes and I can changes on podcast traffic measurement guidelines. Have you seen a large, small or no dip in traffic? Mine fell off the cliff, but are slowly growing again, same for me. Totally off the cliff. Probably like 4:40 or 50 percent. I saw, um, I learned more during an interview I did with the top ticket blueberry, but he said, no need to read this, the audience, but if you’re a podcaster, I want you to know this episode 3:31 of the Bacon podcast.

I guess I was on episode 2:21. Okay. So awesome. Episode 3:31 of the Bacon podcast and he talked a lot about the top tech of blueberry. Okay. He says, I think this could be discouraging to those just getting started when they only see 10 downloads while the old apple and Icann rules could show 100. Yeah, maybe that’s true. I didn’t notice any dropoff with beginner audio file, but it was new in March and I don’t have a huge, you know, set of expectations with that show. It only, it’s getting like 7,000 downloads a month or something. So it’s not a big deal. I think that even getting a couple hundred a day. Um, anyway, he says second, who are the top three thought leaders that you turn to or follow in your niche or field and why? So I focused personally because my world is around good interviews, so I listened to mostly stand up comedy and good interviews.

The two shows that I follow the most for great interviews are off camera with Sam Jones off camera with Sam Jones, in my opinion, the best interview podcast. And then I also like, um, uh, here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin who is also a just phenomenally talented artist, actor, interviewer, comedian. He’s so good. And uh, those are the two interview based. And then the other one I, I like lately because he’s just such a great broadcaster. It’s a, it’s a show called the way I heard it by Mike Rowe who did dirty, dirty jobs. He’s got like the voice of the industry and I love his show so much. It’s a little 10 minute kind of sound bite and he tells these amazing stories. He’s just this incredible storyteller. He’s writes them all out himself. He tells these incredible stories. So to me it’s one of the most pleasurable kind of clock out on business times that I can, that I can think of.

That’s where I really clock out. And just truly enjoy listening to a podcast. So there’s the top three that I listened to and I hope you enjoy [inaudible]. You guys should all subscribe to those. Anyway, thanks Brian. You rock like a hurricane brother. And okay. Uh, lastly, but not leastly. Joseph says, Hey, Michael loved the show. Right now I’m struggling with what to do as a second income stream. My side hustle is on pace to exceed my day job income and I want to get the time and location freedom by just doing my side hustle. Great. I also have a wife, kids and a mortgage, and I want some safety with a second income stream. The only thing that comes to mind is to take what I’ve learned to make a successful online business and somehow sell that expertise. But that area looks very crowded to me.

Should I jump in and claim my slice of the teach online business pie? Or should I look for something else? So I’m, uh, I’m confused. So you’re talking that you currently have a day job. You also have a side hustle that is on paste to replace your day job, but then you’re asking me for a second income stream witness this be a third income stream isn’t job number one. The side hustle is number two, which is on pace to match number one, and then this will be number three. So I’m a little confused by how you worded that and I apologize if I totally got that wrong, but uh, yeah, I don’t get that.

It’s never a. let’s see if you can build a business around teaching what you know and what you’ve really trained on over years and years and years. I think that is a fantastic way to start and you can be just what you might call a consultant or a freelancer or whatever it is, but you absolutely want to do that. Can you find enough clients in kind of a bespoke way, people that are maybe higher end to, to pay you because you know you’re worth it. You’re worth it. So I think you should. I think you should jump in and maybe find a creative way to teach. I don’t know if I would do it online like that. I can see more of you being a consultant than anything. I don’t know what you do, so I have no idea what it would be helpful if you could tell me that I can follow up on another, uh, another free coaching Friday.

But if I knew what you did for a living, I could give you maybe more accurate advice on how you might build an online or scaled a business of that. So, um, follow up with me Joseph and let me know exactly what you do, but I’m never going to discourage somebody from doing whatever their side hustle is. Even if you’re doing a couple of hours a day or maybe an hour a day, maybe 15 minutes a day to work on it. It’s making progress and that’s all you want. You just want to make progress. So I would think about consultancy and then, I mean keep cranking on that side hustle for sure. So regular job side Hustle and the consultants could consultancy and I think you’ll never see your wife kids, but you’ll be paying that mortgage. So. So No, you should still see I don’t, I don’t take that advice.

Still see your wife and kids. But um, yeah dude, that’s, I think what I would do that feels like the right move for me, a man. I hope it helps. Good luck and, and write me and let me know kind of what the, um, what is the, tell me the industry and maybe I can give you some more b spoke ideas. So with that, you guys, that is indeed free coaching Friday on this Friday here from Sunny Orlando, mcghee Orlando on Friday, February ninth. And hope you guys have a great weekend. I’m super excited to be here. I’m super excited to get back to nice sunny dry San Diego and uh, yeah. And that’s it. You guys keep on rocking like a hurricane. Talk to you guys.

Can I facebook at And of course our don’t call Michael. You’re so naughty. Yes.