6 Ways to Leverage the Power of Podcast Interview Marketing: Unlocking Success and Building Relationships

6 Ways to Leverage the Power of Podcast Interview Marketing

Placing focus on quality over quantity, challenging the conventional belief in digital marketing.

In marketing lead generation and sales funnels often dominate the conversation. But big fish don’t swim through funnels and whales don’t click.

Our founder offers a different perspective during his interview with Drew McLellan on the Build A Better Agency podcast. They highlight the importance of focusing on quality over quantity, challenging the conventional belief in digital marketing.  This conversation sheds light on the effectiveness of podcast guesting as a strategy for building relationships and achieving successes in your business


Here are 6 ways to leverage the power of Podcast Interview Marketing.

1. Three Calls To Action.

Contrary to traditional digital marketing methods, our experience over the last nine years shows that giving leads three ways to say “yes” on a podcast interview yields the best conversion rates. This differs from everything we’ve been told about digital marketing. Three scaled calls to action increases conversions by allowing you to meet your audience where they are.


2. The Key To Success

The essential elements that contribute to success in building a reputation as a good podcast guest. By focusing on genuine conversation and sharing expertise rather than self-promotion, podcast guests can establish a strong presence and benefit from the host’s promotion. From a host perspective, Drew gives valuable insights into becoming a sought-after podcast guest.


3. Tracking Podcast Interview ROI.

With podcast guesting gaining popularity, measuring the return on investment (ROI) becomes a crucial aspect of the strategy. Understanding the metrics and analyzing the impact of podcast interviews can help guests make informed decisions and optimize their podcast guesting efforts. Tom explains the number one way we have found for guests to track podcast interview ROI: welcome pages.


4. Choosing The Right Podcast.

The abundance of podcasts presents a challenge for guests to identify which ones matter the most to their target audience. Choosing the right podcasts for your guest appearances can feel daunting. There are millions of podcasts, how do you know which is the right one for you? The absolute first step is to understand your audience and what message they need to hear. By identifying your niche, you can begin to narrow down relevant podcasts your ideal client is already listening to. Going on targeted podcasts will place you in front of your ideal customers and instantly maximize the impact of those interviews.


5. Leveraging Podcast Guesting Toward Your Goals.

Why is podcast guesting a key player in achieving business goals? Leveraging the power of podcast interviews to connect with more ideal customers and expand the reach of your brand. By getting introduced to your ideal audience by a trusted voice (the podcast host) to hear a message they self-selected to hear. You will quickly establish your thought leadership and expertise by providing value and building relationships through podcast guesting. Podcast guesting has proven countless times to help industry leaders establish themselves as trusted authorities in their respective industries.


6. Pre & Post Interview Best Practices.

This one is probably the most overlooked. This is where the line between podcast guesting and podcast interview marketing is drawn. Podcast guesting is showing up to an interview and moving on once the recording is finished.

Podcast interview marketing is a system that begins long before your interview and continues long after you wrap. Being a good podcast guest goes beyond delivering a great interview. It involves building relationships with the host leading up to the interview, by listening to their show and following them on social media. After the interview, continue nurturing that relationship to build a connection with their audience by promoting the interview. These best practices not only maximize your results but also allows you to build a strong reputation and increase your chances of future interview invitations. These practices are invaluable in establishing long-term connections and expanding one’s network.


In the digital age, podcast guesting has emerged as a powerful strategy for building relationships, establishing credibility, and achieving business goals. Placing importance on genuine conversation, relationship building, and delivering value to both the host and their listeners and move away from focusing on “big shows” and the “number of listens”. Podcast guests who embrace these ideas can reach new levels of success and opportunities while also gaining brand awareness and thought leadership in their industry.

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