7 Questions To Ask Your Podcast Booking Service Before It’s Too Late

The listenership of podcasts is rapidly expanding.  Savvy businesses and marketers see the potential in getting featured on a podcast that their ideal customers listen. Forget breaking through the noise, they want to get in on the conversation that is already going on.


With the increasing demand, an increasing number of podcast booking services have emerged.  Some are professional public relations firms, others have their roots in inbound content marketing, while others are little more than VAs (Virtual Assistants) with limited expertise or connections.  Each can provide value depending on your needs and budget.

As you decide which podcast booking service is best for you, consider these factors

1. What exactly are they offering?

The offerings vary widely. On the low price and value is the email introduction to podcasters they know.  At the other end of the spectrum is a complete concierge-level service that does everything but the speaking.  Make sure you are clear exactly what they provide and what you will have ot due to produce interviews that convert.

2. What is their background?

The barrier to entry to call yourself a podcast guest booker is extremely low.  Just knowing some podcasters without understanding the Public Relations fundamentals and the strategy behind Podcast Interview Marketing can do more harm than good.  Ask yourself if you are comfortable with this individual or firm representing your brand.

3. How many dedicated people do they have on their team?

Everyone has a finite number of relationships, even online.  If you are represented by a one-person show it won’t be long before they’ve run out of friends to introduce you to.  A larger firm should allow you to tap into a larger number of potential relationships established over time with the booker and previous guests.

4. How do they pick the best podcasts?

There are 400,000 podcasts currently in the US.  Getting on a podcast is not difficult, getting on an interview that converts is the key. What factors do they evaluate in determining a perfect show for you. Success in the systems. If they don’t have a system on how to prospect for the ideal podcasts, you leave your success to chance.

5. Do they get paid by the host too?

Getting paid by the host and guests sounds like a blatant conflict of interest and it is. Still, some companies proudly rock both sides of the microphone and offer interview connects at a bargain price for the guest only to put them on new shows with a little audience because the host paid them too. Always make sure your agent is working for you and your best interest.

6. What verticals do they focus on?

The best podcast booking agencies focus on just a few narrow verticals or niches.  This allows them to build relationships that you can benefit you.  If they don’t already have experience in your specific area then they will be learning with you.

7. What clients similar to me do you represent?

Much like working with a premier speaker bureau the knowledge gained and the power of association can lift you to the next level in opportunities. Ask yourself if this association is helping your brand or theirs?

Traffic from podcast interviews has been reported to convert 25 times better than blogs.  The strategy of being the featured guest expert on a targeted podcast can be rocket fuel to your content marketing. Finding the right partner can improve your results and maximize your return on investment.