Empathy: Podcast Hosts Understand Guests

When we launched the State of Podcast Interviews survey, one of the early questions we wanted to make sure we asked was whether podcast hosts had been podcast guests. Empathy is a powerful thing, and if hosts have been guests, they know what it’s like to be “on that side of the mic.” What we found wasn’t a shock, but it was a bit surprising as to the magnitude.

90% of podcast hosts have been guests.

What this shows us is that podcast hosts know what it’s like to be in that guest chair. They most likely have had to ask for an interview, schedule it, prepare for the recording, be “on” for the show and follow up with promotion. They get where their guests are and what they’re going through, which means they’re often very understanding and down to earth.

As a host, have you also been a guest?

Empathy builds trust. To the guests: trust the host. They’ve been where you are and they want a successful interview just like you do. To the hosts: remember that you’ve been (and maybe continue to guest) in that guest seat. Show that guest empathy and understanding. This could come through show prep content like a podcast guest guide, a show flow document or a brief sheet to help them prepare best for your show.

What this question also tells us: The Podcast Ecosystem

The other point we took from this data was that podcast hosts believe so firmly in the medium, they’ve been guests or continue to guest on other shows. The ecosystem of podcast interviews is clearly strong.

Experience: We’re all in the same vicinity

Hosts: how many podcasts have you been a guest on?

We also asked hosts how many podcasts they’ve been interviewed on as a guest. Much like the previous question, this shows a commonality between guests and hosts. Many hosts have been on 1-10 shows. Quite a few have been interviewed on 11-20 podcasts. Very few have been guests on more than 20 shows. We all start somewhere, and most of us are in the same ballpark on how many shows we get on. Of course, it also mean hosts, you need to be a guest more often!

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