The Ultimate Guide to Promoting and Repurposing Podcast Interviews

Ultimate guide to promoting and repurposing your podcast interviews

The make-or-break details of your podcast marketing strategy aren’t what you may think they are.

The make-or-break details of your podcast marketing strategy aren’t what you may think they are.

Let us explain.

You are likely going on a podcast in hopes of talking to a large audience who is interested in your message and what you have to offer. While the podcast interview is an important part of your strategy, that’s only the start of the work you need to be doing to truly connect with an audience and sell your offerings.

Many people think they just need to talk about their product or service, but it is these people who are missing the point.


You aren’t going on a show and talking to downloads. You are talking to people. You are talking to the host. You are having a conversation. You are creating a relationship. A relationship isn’t created through self-promotion. It is a give-and-take.

You have to truly connect with the host and the audience to make an impact and sell your services or products. And that’s where people often go wrong. They forget they are talking to people.

The number one way to truly connect with the audience and get invited back onto a podcast is to give, not just take.

You may be wondering how on earth you can give back to a podcast host. The answer is simple: contribute to the podcast host by promoting the show.

When you are invited to do a guest podcast interview, that’s the start of a relationship with the host and their listeners, and the best way to keep the relationship going is to promote your interview.


How To Promote and Repurpose?

The best way to promote and repurpose your interview is to use the content to create blogs, videos, and more—which provides valuable marketing assets for you and the host’s audience. There is a huge opportunity loss when podcasts sit on the hosting platform and aren’t used to create more content.

Some avoid promoting their interviews because it seems time consuming. But you don’t need to be everywhere—all the social media platforms, websites, and print media.  You just need to focus on being where your ideal clients are.

What follows are some of the best ways we’ve found that help you get the most out of each podcast interview so you avoid any promotion and repurposing setbacks.


Before The Interview Launches

Ask to get pictures and audio ahead of time. We see many people asking for the photos and audio on the day of the launch, but that’s already too late. Ask the host the day you do the podcast so you get ahead of it.

First 30 Days After Launch

The first 30 days after the launch are when the most downloads happen. And just because you promoted your interview once doesn’t mean everyone saw that one instance. Keep promoting the podcast in different ways all throughout those first 30 days.


The podcasts are evergreen, which means they exist indefinitely online. Repurpose the content from your interviews in ways that can serve you again and again. An interview you did five years ago can still bring in new clients today.


Here Are Some Ways You Can Promote Your Interview


Podcast logo, artwork, and trust seals

Use the podcast artwork or logo when posting on social media platforms. It gives you an instant trust seal through association from your interview. You are using the power of leveraging other people’s audiences, which increases your credibility and authority through a shared stage. For example, if the host was mentioned on CNN, it instantly elevates your authority by association. Plus, it’s a great way to make everyone aware of your interview.

Quote Images

Fifty-one percent of adults listen to podcasts, but they have to find your episode first. Seeing an eye-grabbing quote graphic online can quickly catch their attention and drive them to listen to your interview. Quote images are great because they distribute the interview’s key points in quote form, making it more accessible.


Audiograms are a short, hard-hitting snippet of the interview, usually a minute or less. Pair it with a picture. This is an excellent way to get vital and intriguing aspects of the discussion out to people and get them interested in listening to the entire episode.

Video Snippets

A majority of podcast interviews include video. A video snippet is like a visual audiogram. This is a great way to visually highlight both the host and guest together on a shared digital stage.


Podcasts can be dissected into several blogs. It is surprising how much content can be extracted from just one interview. You could easily get a month’s worth of content from one podcast interview.

Sizzle Reels

Sizzle reels are montage videos that capture key points from different parts of your interview or can be compiled from different interviews to create intrigue for your audience.


Add links to your interviews on your website. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Plus it increases your search engine optimization (SEO) which means search engines will favor your site and increase your views.

LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles are becoming more popular and creating potential for more opportunity. Much like podcast guesting, having an article with a LinkedIn backlink can increase your credibly through association. Plus, it adds an opportunity to reach new followers.

Industry Articles

Every industry has publications that are recognized as the leading news or experts for that industry. Working with your industry news leaders and getting your content posted on their platform could increase your reach with your ideal audience significantly.

Email Signature Blocks

How many emails are sent out by your company each day? Adding a graphic with a link in the signature area of your email tells everyone that sees your email about your interview and a way to listen to it. Again, this is a subtle way to easily spread the word about your interview and build your authority through association with that show.



Sometimes the biggest part of a podcast marketing strategy isn’t the interview itself but everything that happens after the interview.

Once you get into the guest seat, your work is only just starting. If you think the job is done after the interview, you are going to miss out on huge opportunities.

Ensure you aren’t missing out—promote and repurpose your content constantly! And remember, podcast guesting is about the long game. It’s about building genuine relationships, not just increasing download numbers.

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