3 Calls To Action for Podcast Guesting

3 calls to action for podcast guesting

The word in digital marketing has long been that you should only give your audience one call to action but our data says otherwise.

The word in digital marketing has long been that you should only give your audience one call to action. The idea is if you give them too many choices then they won’t make one. But after eight years and more than 50,000 interviews, our data has shown that isn’t the case when it comes to podcast interview marketing. Our data shows that giving your audience three calls to action allows you to meet them where they are on their journey. We call them the small yes, The Medium Yes, and THE LARGE YES.



Your first call to action should be something small–something easy and something free. This could be a free report or assessment that provides value to your audience and/or helps them address a concern they might have.


Your second call to action has a little more weight, it will cost your lead a small investment of either their time or money (less than $20). This could be a free copy of your book or a small product or course that has value and meaning to them. Even if they don’t elect to take this offer it still serves you by establishing your authority in your industry. They will see that you are knowledgeable enough on your subject that you have been able to develop a substantial piece of material on the matter.



Your third call to action should be your BIG HECK YES! This listener is ready to invest the time and the money, they have shown up, checkbook in hand. If they are ready to say yes, then you want to give them every opportunity to do so. This can be free to them, like a free 30 minute consultation call, or your big ticket item, like a link to purchase your product, course, or service.


The three CTAs allows you to meet your audience where they are on their own journey in a way that makes sense for them. While also establishing yourself as an authority figure in your industry that can serve their needs, whether they be small, medium, or large.


Sharing Your 3 CTAs

The best way to share these three offers quickly and concisely during your interview is to direct your audience to a welcome page. A welcome page is an evergreen page on your website that welcomes listeners from each podcast interview you do. This gives them a personalized place to connect with you after an interview, where they can go to find out more about you and your business. It also serves as an engaging way to secure the lead and meet potential customers where they are on their journey. 

There are some key elements for a welcome page like a brief message, ways to contact you, and most importantly your three CTAs.


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