3 Myths That Are Hurting Podcasters

January 17,2023 / Blog / Tiffany
3 Myths That Are Hurting Podcasters
There are big 3 myths most guests believe but our data has disproven. As you read, consider what your own personal experience has shown you.

With 1K+ clients, 5K+ interviews completed, and 100M+ people reached in 8 years, we’ve seen what it takes to create a successful podcast interview marketing strategy, as well as the most common mistakes.

So, this advice isn’t just based on opinion; it’s backed by data. There are ways you can optimize each podcast interview to maximize your results, but you will find yourself continuously getting stuck if you fall for the three podcasting myths discussed below.

Let’s debunk these three myths that mislead many podcast guests into building a marketing plan that doesn’t necessarily serve them.

Let’s debunk these three myths that mislead many podcast guests into building a marketing plan that doesn’t necessarily serve them. These myths put people on an endless hamster wheel—working harder, not smarter.

Myth #1 More Is Better

Getting on more podcasts doesn’t mean you will see more sales and results. Many guests’ initial reaction is to go on as many podcasts as possible, but that’s not how we connect with people. More isn’t better. Getting on better-quality podcasts that match your ideal audience is what will help you connect with more people. It’s easy to think more will equate to more, but trust us, it won’t. More isn’t better. Better is better.

Myth 2: Bigger is better

Just like Myth #1. Bigger isn’t better. Better is better. Think about it this way—Would you rather talk to an audience of 10,000 of the wrong people or 100 of the right ones? You can’t say enough of the right things to the wrong people. Just because a podcast has a larger audience does not mean it will get you more quality leads or sales. Talking to your niche target audience will have a higher positive impact on your lead generation and sales conversion than talking to the general masses could ever have.

Myth 3: Promotion is only the host’s responsibility

Podcast guesting is a two-way street, which means both the guest and the host should work to promote the episode. It’s the reason we launched the industry leading Commitment To Collaborative Promotion for our Certified Guests in 2022. If you aren’t promoting your interviews, you are hurting yourself. You are losing out on potential leads and tarnishing your reputation as a guest. If you become viewed as a taker who doesn’t give anything back, your interview invites and acceptances will reflect that. The best results happen when everyone contributes to the promotion.

When we can take actions that counter these myths, we start to truly develop lasting relationships with the host and the audience of their podcast. Real relationships are where the magic happens. When we are able to focus on the people, not the results, we start to make bigger impacts.

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