How to Repurpose the Content of Your Podcast Interviews

January 19,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

We’re all busy people. Sometimes being available to record podcasts just isn’t feasible with your current schedule. This is one of the reasons why creating evergreen content is so important. Your previously recorded interviews can easily be repurposed into new content that will continue to keep your audience engaged while still seeking out others who will benefit from your message.

Podcast Speaker Reels

Much like sizzle reels, these short videos can quickly engage your audience with a montage of highlights from your favorite interviews. When you’re ready to start recording new interviews, these reels are a creative way to introduce you to new hosts. Not only will it show off your personality, but they’ll be able to see and hear the content and energy you would bring to their show.

Write A Book

When you don’t have time to work around someone else’s schedule, repurposing your content into a book is the perfect way to spend the spare moments you have early in the morning or late at night. Writing a book is a creative way to condense all your ideas into one convenient location. Like you, everyone is short on time these days. Depending on how many interviews you’ve done, there can be a lot of content for your audience to sift through to find that podcast where you said that one thing that really resonated with them. Highlighting that topic in a book–especially an ebook–makes it easily searchable.

Create A Newsletter

We’ve talked about using your email list to promote your content before, and creating a newsletter with repurposed content is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Mailing lists are always growing. There’s a good chance that someone joined your mailing list after listening to a particular interview. A newsletter is the perfect way to remind them of the original content that inspired them to follow you.

Keeping your content fresh and new will keep your audience interested and engaged!

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