Outreach Marketing: Finding a New Audience Through Podcasts

Outreach marketing focuses on being relevant and authentic rather than simply building “the biggest network” through high numbers of followers and “likes.” When it’s time to find new leads through this kind of marketing, one way to connect authentically with a relevant audience is through podcast interviews.

Podcast audiences connect with the host on a level you can’t reach through blogs and social media shares. The conversation a host has with their guest (in an interview-style podcast) draws the listener in, welcoming them to a much more intimate experience than words on a screen.

A good interview connects you with an audience at a much deeper level than creating your own content – which is a major goal of outreach marketing.


How do podcast interviews serve my outreach marketing needs?

First, let’s define podcast interview marketing. Here’s an excerpt from “What is Podcast Interview Marketing?” :

Podcast interview marketing is a niche marketing tactic that’s part of the inbound marketing strategy. You want to create engaging and valuable content that attracts visitors, converts them to leads and delights them as customers. You do this through finding podcasts that feature guests, fit your ideal audience (your buyer persona), and help you to drive traffic back to your website.

Podcast interview marketing is not buying ads on podcasts in hopes that someone might convert. Those are ads. Those are fine if that’s what you want, and podcast hosts can certainly use sponsors, but this is different. It’s kind of like getting Oprah to recommend your book – only a slightly smaller scale.

Next, we’ll look at how podcast interviews serve the outreach marketing world.

Authenticity and podcast interviews

Whether you’re a business coach who has seen failures lead to success, or an author with a story of adventure and perseverance, your story will resonate with the right people. Sharing your story – the ups, the downs, the lessons – through an interview can bring an authenticity that makes a difference. Outreach marketing works because of the realness of the message. What’s more real than having a vulnerable conversation with a great host?

Of course, authenticity doesn’t have to mean making the conversation a confessional; it means you share your story the best you know how throughout the interview, being you all the way.

Podcast hosts work hard to build their audience and develop trust with them. They already have an authenticity with the listeners. Adding you to the mix helps build even more trust, so the host is looking to make you successful. Rest easy knowing that your realness will lead to a successful interview for you both – that’s the goal!

Relevancy and podcast interviews

Much like the desire to bring authenticity to their listeners, a podcast host wants relevant interviews. The opposite of this would be a podcast focused on building skills for sales people, where a guest brings a message of “sales is dead, long live the scavengers.”

Looking for the right podcasts (and their audiences) that are relevant to you and your message, will help you bring the right message to the masses. Rather than the old ways of simply throwing money at the promotion problem and hoping for the best (ie: buying TV ads in multiple markets in hopes of reaching at least one person in your demographic), you get to reach an audience focused on your niche and ready to listen. This relevancy is very powerful.

Outreach marketing with podcast interviews

As you add outreach marketing to your overall business plan, consider podcast interview marketing as a major asset. Finding the right podcasts to add to your authentic, relevant message will help you build your business.

image source: radio studio