Podcast Timelines: From Invitation To Recording To Live

Everyone has somewhere to be. Whether you’re heading back to the office or catching a flight to your next speaking engagement, time isn’t always on our side. This can make syncing calendars difficult, especially when it comes to finding the perfect time to record your next podcast interview. Because, let’s face it, the WiFi you purchased on the airplane is not going to be fast or stable enough to record a thirty minute interview with video. The other passengers will also thank you for not doing this.

The good news?

34 percent of interviews are recorded four to eight weeks after that initial invitation is sent, so you have plenty of time to fit it into your busy schedule. Do you need more availability? 24 percent of interviews take place twelve weeks or more after the invitation is extended. Most hosts are flexible and will try to accommodate you, especially if you’re in an opposite time zone. However, some hosts batch record interviews, which means they may take an entire month to record for the whole year. This is where you might need to be flexible or else you’ll have to wait an entire year for another opportunity to speak to that audience.

Once you record your interview, 23 percent of podcasts go live within four to eight weeks. 20 percent go live within two to four weeks and, surprisingly, 18 percent go live within one week of recording. The time from recording to posting is completely determined by the podcast host. If they have a backlog of guests, your episode may not go live for four months. If they are batch-recorded in January, your episode may not go live until December. It all depends on their schedule, so don’t get discouraged if you have to wait and wait and… wait.

But, again, hosts are flexible! If you’re promoting a book or a new course that has a specific timeline, most hosts will typically be open to working with you to find a date to post your interview that works with your launch.

The content from this blog was pulled from the State of Podcast Interview Annual Report. You can get a copy of the full report below.

State of Podcast Interviews report