Leveraging Other People’s Audiences on Podcast Interviews

Leveraging podcast interviews

We have long been shouting that the fastest way to fill your stadium, build your audience, and grow your list is to leverage Other People’s Audiences (OPAs). You can do this many ways, as a speaker on stage, via livestream, and, of course, by podcasting. Podcasting is a super smart way to do this.

Tom Schwab had the pleasure of chatting with best-selling author and international speaker Carrie Wilkerson.

Here is their first-hand knowledge and experience of building assets with every interview to build your brand and increase your sphere of influence.

Twenty-three years ago when author and speaker Carrie Wilkerson got started in business, podcasting had yet to emerge as the marketing staple it is today. In the early days she was leveraging her business through conference calls and Blog Talk Radio to achieve her marketing goals. Carrie made a point of saying “Yes!” to any interview that came her way, and she still attributes her quick ascension and reputation in the business by leveraging other people’s audiences.

Although the methods have evolved from those days, the concept is still the same – understanding the opportunities leveraging other people’s audiences can bring. We know that there are a lot of people spending money to build their audience through podcasting; why not use your asset, your expertise, to provide quality and value to their existing audience through podcast guesting.

That’s where Interview Valet comes in.

Why Are OPAs So Important?

Short Answer: Exposure Brings Opportunity

At Interview Valet, we believe that the biggest problem most businesses face is obscurity. Right now, there are thousands of people on their knees praying for your product and the only reason they don’t have it is that they don’t know who you are. As Tom often says, “we don’t buy the best, we buy the best we know of.” Your target audience can’t buy your best if they don’t know it exists.

Drop the notion that you have to “break through the noise” to make it in business. Yelling louder is just going to add to the noise and keep you lost in a sea of screaming voices. Getting in on the right conversation via podcasting, however, can be extremely powerful in this pursuit.

The data says that 51% of adults in the United States alone listen to podcasts. On average, these people earn an above-average income and hold an above-average level of education. You know that your target audience is in there somewhere, you just have to find them.

It’s also important to understand that not all audiences are created equal. Your products and services are tailored to a very specific persona, and it’s imperative that you know where to find that persona so you can get in front of them. Make sure that the people you are talking to are made up of your ideal customers.

How to Leverage Conversation in Your Marketing Strategy

Treat every interview as an asset.

Any expertise-based business can leverage the power of podcast guesting, and it’s much easier than the Blog Talk Radio we did in the past. You can Google Carrie Wilkerson’s name and come up with interviews that she did 20 years ago. Why? Because they’ve been posted, repurposed, and turned into books, guides, free downloads, and more. This is what we call a workhorse, which is anything in your business that keeps working for you over and over and over again.

Every interview is an asset. An asset that business owners are creating and leaving like breadcrumbs for their target audience to find. Podcast guesting is a great resource for busy business owners to use. Taking the time to do a single podcast interview can generate a ton of content for blogs, Facebook posts, and radio. In many cases, this content gets promoted by other people to their respective OPAs, making awareness for your brand to grow.

Before you get started, know that the goal is not a podcast interview itself. The goal is to raise awareness for your brand and to grow your business. The interview is simply a means for achieving that end result. All you need to do is set aside approximately one hour per interview for preparation and conversation and away you go.

Work With Interview Valet

Make It Happen

Interview Valet works with all our clients on strategies for transforming passive listeners into active site visitors and, ultimately, into engaged leads. Before each podcast, we prepare you for the interview to ensure you and your business shine. We give you background on the podcast, the host, the audience, and social media so that when you walk into that interview, you’re ready.

Our business model has been referred to as eHarmony for businesspeople. We take great care in matching the right business owners with the right podcasts. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.

Be The Guest, We Take Care Of The Rest

Our mission is to personally introduce inspiring thought leaders to millions of ideal customers they could be serving for the betterment of all. The trick is to stop trying to be more interesting and become more interested in the people you are approaching. This is the key to success in marketing through podcast interviews.

Everything we do you could easily do yourself, but it’s simply not the best use of your time. Frank Sinatra wasn’t setting up the stage and filling the audience, his job was to perform. We have an experienced team behind us that sees you as Sinatra. We know how to get you in touch with the right audience of your next biggest fans. You are the talent, you be the guest, we take care of the rest.

What’s ordinary to you is amazing to others. The best gift you can give to someone is to introduce them to new ideas. Let’s do it together. Book an introductory call with Interview Valet today to get started.

Listen to Carrie and Tom’s full conversation here.


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