The 3 Phases of Promoting Your Podcast Interview

January 27,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

There’s more to promoting your podcast interview than tweeting a link to the streaming platform and telling your audience to give it a listen. Having a strategic plan in place to ensure your message is heard is vital to the longevity of your content.

Phase 1: Pre-Launch

This is the first step in your promotional journey. It’s the hype stage. You want to get listeners excited about your podcast interview. Creating a quick video right after the interview recording is an ideal time to prepare this type of promotional material. The content of the interview will be fresh in your mind, and you’ll still have the adrenaline and energy from the conversation with the host. A week before your interview is set to go live, start pushing your promotions out on social media and your weekly newsletter. 

If the host has sent you a copy of the recording prior to the interview going live, it’s in bad form to release any of that content before they do. But you can still create buzz using promotional images and the hype video you created after the interview.

Phase 2: The first month after launch

Most listeners will listen to your interview within the first 30 days of the episode going live. Keeping the promotional material fresh for those first four weeks is crucial to the success of your interview. Simple changes to the graphic, headline, or text will help engage new listeners. Utilize different platforms. Send out a newsletter one week. Publish a Linkedin article the following week. Start a discussion on Facebook after that. This will ensure you’re interacting with your audience on all the platforms you utilize.

Phase 3: Evergreen

It’s important to keep your content relevant. During your evergreen phase, it’s the perfect time to review your past promotional content. Ask yourself a few questions. Did this work? Did this content drive sales? Did it encourage engagement? Phase out the material that didn’t work and repurpose the promotions that did work. Tag in the host of the podcast when pushing the new content. This could inspire them to air the episode again, or they might even invite you back to have another discussion.

Putting in the extra effort to promote your podcast interviews over an extended period of time will guarantee that your message will continue to be heard.

How to Repurpose the Content of Your Podcast Interviews

January 19,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

We’re all busy people. Sometimes being available to record podcasts just isn’t feasible with your current schedule. This is one of the reasons why creating evergreen content is so important. Your previously recorded interviews can easily be repurposed into new content that will continue to keep your audience engaged while still seeking out others who will benefit from your message.

Podcast Speaker Reels

Much like sizzle reels, these short videos can quickly engage your audience with a montage of highlights from your favorite interviews. When you’re ready to start recording new interviews, these reels are a creative way to introduce you to new hosts. Not only will it show off your personality, but they’ll be able to see and hear the content and energy you would bring to their show.

Write A Book

When you don’t have time to work around someone else’s schedule, repurposing your content into a book is the perfect way to spend the spare moments you have early in the morning or late at night. Writing a book is a creative way to condense all your ideas into one convenient location. Like you, everyone is short on time these days. Depending on how many interviews you’ve done, there can be a lot of content for your audience to sift through to find that podcast where you said that one thing that really resonated with them. Highlighting that topic in a book–especially an ebook–makes it easily searchable.

Create A Newsletter

We’ve talked about using your email list to promote your content before, and creating a newsletter with repurposed content is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Mailing lists are always growing. There’s a good chance that someone joined your mailing list after listening to a particular interview. A newsletter is the perfect way to remind them of the original content that inspired them to follow you.

Keeping your content fresh and new will keep your audience interested and engaged!

4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Guest Appearance on a Podcast

January 12,2022 / Blog / Tiffany

Your podcast interview doesn’t end when you leave the Zoom (or ZenCastr, or StreamYard, or–shudders–Skype) meeting. The recording might be over, but there are still things to be done. Start by sending the host a thank you note. It’s a kind gesture that will definitely help you stick out. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask the coveted question: “when will this go live?” Depending on the host’s backlog, this could be anywhere from a week to a couple months. But, eventually, you’ll get that email letting you know that your episode will be published tomorrow.

Here are four creative ways to promote it!

1. Social Media

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram, promoting your interview on social media is a great way to reengage your existing audience. There’s a chance they’re not podcast listeners, and this is a good opportunity for you to show them you create content outside of where they typically find it. Host will oftentimes send promotional material to you, whether it’s a graphic, a teaser video, or a link to the show notes, this will take some pressure off creating your own. Post the picture to Instagram. Pin it as your top tweet on Twitter. Write up a quick blurb on Linkedin. Or, if you have the rhythm, make a TikTok dance using the latest viral sound!

2. Blog About It

Use those keywords to your advantage! Your posts don’t have to be long, they just need to create interest! Summarize what your interview and the overall podcast is about and link directly to the hosting platform or to the podcast’s host’s show notes. Many podcasters also transcribe their interviews, so using that text would be a good opportunity to pull out keywords that you mentioned in the interview and add them to your blog post.

3. Mailing List

We’ve talked about reengaging your audience on social media, but some folks still haven’t given in to the serotonin that endlessly scrolling through Instagram or Twitter gives. Sending out a monthly newsletter to your longtime followers is a great way to keep them up-to-date on all the podcasts you’ve been on that month.

4. Email Signature Blocks

How many emails do you send a day? Some days it’s like all you’re doing is sending, replying, and forwarding emails to someone. Utilize your signature block to link directly to the interview.

There are tons of ways to promote your podcasts interviews. Through trial and error, you’ll figure out what method engages your audience the most.

The 3 Big Myths That Are Killing Your Results as a Podcast Guest

January 05,2022 / Blog / Tiffany
3 big myths most podcast guests believe but in reality they are killing your results.

Everyone wants results, but not everyone is willing to take the steps they need to ensure they see the results they deserve. There’s more to leveraging podcast marketing than getting on all the biggest and most popular shows. Recording the interview is just the first step. You–and the host–are responsible for making sure your message is heard.

Myth #1: The more interviews the better.

In our experience, the better the interview is, the better the results will be. That’s not to say guest-storming and book tours don’t work–our clients will attest to the fact that they do–but attempting to be on a hundred or more podcasts a month is only going to burn you out. Our clients get the best results with focus. They connect with one ideal podcast host a week, or perhaps a few times a month. This gives our clients the ability to research the show, learn more about the host, and deliver quality content to their audience.

Myth #2: Bigger is better

Our motto continues to be: better is better. We get the best results by targeting our client’s ideal audience. Numbers in podcasting are largely unreliable and most of the time unavailable. Whether a podcast has a million downloads or a thousand, our goal is always to get our clients in front of the audience that will benefit from their message. After all, it only takes one person–not a number or a statistic– to create a domino effect of success.

Myth #3: It’s the host’s job to promote the interview

It’s your job too! If your focus is getting results, promoting your podcast episode is the best way to make sure your message is being heard. Being a guest on a podcast is ultimately a partnership. You’re trusting the host with your message, and the host is trusting you to bring quality content that their audience will benefit from. Promoting the interview is not only good for results, but it also helps foster the relationship with the host. Ultimately, it’s a kind gesture that will help you stick out in their mind when it comes time to rerun an episode during the summer or holidays.

Changing your mindset when it comes to podcast marketing will help guarantee your success.

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