What is the State of Podcast Interviews?


What exactly is the state of podcast interviews right now? In a word: positive. Many podcasts interview guests, a lot of niche podcasts exist and the growth of new shows continues today. The ecosystem and culture surrounding podcasts is one of collaboration, growth and excitement. In a survey sponsored by Interview Valet, more than 10,000…

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The 2017 State of Podcast Interviews [Infographic]

Our mission here at Interview Valet is to personally introduce inspiring thought leaders to millions of ideal individuals they could serve, for the betterment of all. Our Certified Guests™ reach their intended audience through conversations with podcast hosts. Because of our work, we decided to conduct the first-of-its-kind research on the state of podcast interviews.…

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Empathy: Podcast Hosts Understand Guests

When we launched the State of Podcast Interviews survey, one of the early questions we wanted to make sure we asked was whether podcast hosts had been podcast guests. Empathy is a powerful thing, and if hosts have been guests, they know what it’s like to be “on that side of the mic.” What we…

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Why “Do” Podcast Interviews? State of Podcast Interviews Report

why do podcast interviews

“How does being on a podcast actually help me with my marketing?” Sometimes in talking with business leaders, authors, speakers and others, we hear this question. Essentially, people want to know what’s in it for them. How does being a guest on a podcast help them? Of course, telling your story in front of a…

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Dan Miller on How Authors, Speakers, & Coaches Can Leverage Podcast Interviews

Podcast Artwork

  Dan Miller: Now, a lot of you are authors, writers, speakers, coaches, and you ask questions about how you can really leverage your message, how you can spread that message. Tom Schwab is a dear friend of mine. He’s in my mastermind. We share a lot of ideas together. He has a company called…

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