Podcast Guesting Isn’t The Goal

Podcast interview agency

Like guest blogging of the past, podcast interview marketing is a great way to use an established platform to leverage your content and reach your target audience. Podcast guesting isn’t the main goal of the clients that come to us for help. But it is a necessary step to achieve their ultimate goal. Leave Your…

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Maximizing Your Podcast Interview Lifecycle

podcast guest interviews

The Podcast Interview Lifecycle is a six stage process. Every new innovative idea eventually fizzles out as we move on to the next new innovative idea. Its an ever evolving process. A podcast can go from Seed Phase (new and exciting) to Laughable Phase (old and worn out) faster than you might imagine. It’s important…

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The Podcast Interview Lifecycle

Everything has a shelf life. The once new innovative idea and concept eventually peaks and becomes old news. What most may not realize is there is a formula that each new idea follows, the idea lifecycle. We are well aware of this lifecycle here at Interview Valet, we call it the Podcast Interview Lifecycle. When…

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Leveraging Other People’s Audiences on Podcast Interviews

We have long been shouting that the fastest way to fill your stadium, build your audience, and grow your list is to leverage Other People’s Audiences (OPAs). You can do this many ways, as a speaker on stage, via livestream, and, of course, by podcasting. Podcasting is a super smart way to do this. Tom…

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Podcast Timelines: From Invitation To Recording To Live

Everyone has somewhere to be. Whether you’re heading back to the office or catching a flight to your next speaking engagement, time isn’t always on our side. This can make syncing calendars difficult, especially when it comes to finding the perfect time to record your next podcast interview. Because, let’s face it, the WiFi you…

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Podcasts and Video, What the Numbers Say

If you think you can roll out of bed and shuffle into your home office wearing a robe and a facemask to record your next podcast interview… you’re probably wrong. With 64 percent of interviews using video, it’s a good idea to wear something business-casual, at minimum on the top. The video may only be…

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Podcast Interview Platforms That Are Dominating Market

Podcasting is an ever-changing industry. As technology advances, there are always new recording platforms and streaming sites popping up on the internet. Some of them have withstood the test of time, while others have faded into the background. Finding one that fits well with you is a bit like dating. A lot of trial and…

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State of Podcasting Is Back To Pre-Pandemic Numbers

As the world slowly comes back to our new normal, the hyper-fixation hobbies we started in quarantine have started to fizzle out. Gone are the days of sour-dough starters and whipped coffee. Why was Tiger King even a thing? That podcast you started and lost interest in after five episodes? It’s buried in the deep-depths…

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The 3 Phases of Promoting Your Podcast Interview

There’s more to promoting your podcast interview than tweeting a link to the streaming platform and telling your audience to give it a listen. Having a strategic plan in place to ensure your message is heard is vital to the longevity of your content. Phase 1: Pre-Launch This is the first step in your promotional…

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How to Repurpose the Content of Your Podcast Interviews

We’re all busy people. Sometimes being available to record podcasts just isn’t feasible with your current schedule. This is one of the reasons why creating evergreen content is so important. Your previously recorded interviews can easily be repurposed into new content that will continue to keep your audience engaged while still seeking out others who…

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4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Guest Appearance on a Podcast

4 creative ways to promote your podcast guest appearances

Your podcast interview doesn’t end when you leave the Zoom (or ZenCastr, or StreamYard, or–shudders–Skype) meeting. The recording might be over, but there are still things to be done. Start by sending the host a thank you note. It’s a kind gesture that will definitely help you stick out. This is also a great opportunity…

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The 3 Big Myths That Are Killing Your Results as a Podcast Guest

Everyone wants results, but not everyone is willing to take the steps they need to ensure they see the results they deserve. There’s more to leveraging podcast marketing than getting on all the biggest and most popular shows. Recording the interview is just the first step. You–and the host–are responsible for making sure your message…

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